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FSG Rell - 'Fed Up'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

The W.A M. Awards celebrate the year’s most outstanding independent artists from around the world in multiple genres and categories. "Best Song" and "Best Album" nominations were based on Artistry, Musicianship, Originality, Professionalism, Diversity, and Excellence. W.A.M. stands for "We Are the Music Makers.' FSG Rell's Album "Ambition Over Fear" was the 2020 W.A.M. Award Winner for Best Album in the Rap / Hip Hop music category. Off the album, the song "Fed Up" is a hit.

"Fed Up," a trap song by FSG Fell featuring the talented Dahlia. The trap beat comes rolling in with booming sub-bass as Dahlia delivers high energy. The downbeat is kicking with chain trills on the hi-hat and pop in' trap beat with Dahlia's gorgeous vocals. Her smooth lyrical deliver hits each beat. The chorus breaks into an electric retro pop dance beat, and FSG Rell comes in hard with his rap verse. FSG Rell and Dahlia's performance is a poetic conversation about two people's contrasting feelings for each other.

"Fed Up" is about being through with all the lies and broken promises in a satisfying relationship. Dahlia comes in with fiery verse, and the bass is booming under the backbeat. "Just me, myself and I. I'm my ride or die. My own Bonnie & Clyde. Stacking my bread, I'm saving. Make a new way, I'm paving." She's independent and doesn't need a man to be her ride or die. FSG Rell comes in after the first chorus with his counter verse. He presents his case by saying, "Baby would you ride with me. You gone catch a vibe with me. Not just 1 night with me. You can spend ya life with me, gang gang." His willingness to do everything to be with her, but she's fed up with the false promises and isn't going you give him a chance.

FSG Fell is a mega-talented musician and songwriter with an excellent sense of imagery. The arrangement is progressive and FSG and Dahlia verse are passionate and amazing. The story being told in “Fed Up” is empowering and intriguing. The rapid backbeat, and booming bass line keeps the groove steady as FSG Fell and Dahlia sing the blazing chorus. Both of these artists are sensational and brilliant. Stream on Spotify

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About FSG Rell

FSG Rell is from a small city-like area called Pottstown, PA. The birth of FSGRell in Pottstown; Philadelphia was prolific, inspirational, and part of God’s plan. FSGRell‘s early childhood years included strong family ties, street dreams, drug-infested street corners, and Hip-Hop Music. The culture of music flowed through the household of FSGRell and lit a passionate infinite flame inside of his soul.

From his early years of rapping FSGRell set a very high bar for himself, and he welcomes the pressure of “Philadelphia” Hip-Hop. FSGRell’s 2019 summer album Ambition Over Fear quickly became a fan favorite with songs as “Fed up (feat. Dahlia)”, “Only Us (feat. Mec)” and “Baggin Up”. The Album Ambition Over Fear is the beginning of Rell talking more of his personal pain in his music. Ambition Over Fear is the start of where Rell starts to open himself up more to his supporters.

FSGRell’s last summer album More Than A Rapper is the best project to date from Rell. Rell puts it all on the line in tracks such as Soulfood, Note 2 Self, For You,and More Than A Rapper. Rell has been featured on The Source, Vevo, Hip Hop Since 1987, Saycheese, KollegeKidd, and DJ Smallz Eyes to name a few sources. FSGRell has also done songs with artists such as K-Shine, Leaf Ward, SG Tip and Richie Wess. FSGRell‘s latest album release “More Than A Rapper” has the world on flames in 2020 and everyone from major labels to the hottest nightlife promoters are officially endorsing the Pottstown native as #THENEXTBIGTHING.


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