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Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers - 'My Monkey Got Lost'

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“My Monkey Got Lost” is off the album 'We're Not Kidding Around' which is a collection of songs based on 8 popular children’s books featuring special guests including members of The Avett Brothers, Bruce Springsteen’s band, and Hall and Oates’ band.

"My Monkey Got Lost" is a funky song with a killer groove and an infectious melody. The rhythm section is huge on this track. Locked-in bass, drums and guitar are supplemented by organ, clav, percussion, and back-up vocals to create a massive sound. The vocal melody sits perfectly over this heavy groove, delivering the song with a cool confidence that adds to the vibe of the music. Both children and adults will love the funky feeling of this music that is both lighthearted and determined.

Lyrically, “My Monkey Got Lost” is an enigmatic and entertaining tale about a monkey who gets bored and wanders off.

“My monkey likes to ramble my monkey likes to roam, My monkey should be with me yea my monkey should be home.”

The music and lyrics inform and support each other, each elevating the other.

“We hang out together and we have a real good time, But sometimes my little monkey is a little hard to find, Yea my monkey- My monkey got lost.”

Like most great children's literature, the lyrics may have layers left to interpretation, the significance of these lyrics will vary with subjectivity. Taken at face value, the lyrics and music combine to create an uplifting and exciting feeling about getting lost in the world and finding your way back home.

The arrangement of “My Monkey Got Lost” utilizes classic funk and soul techniques. The timeless feeling of a perpetual groove is achieved perfectly in this song. The wisdom of the rhythm section players results in an undeniably killer groove which carries the song. This music is just pure fun. So many layers are intricately placed to create this funky masterpiece. Listeners will dance and sing the day away while hearing “My Monkey Got Lost.”


New Companion Website for Children's Album In addition to the collection of songs, the band is launching a companion website that highlights activities, features music videos, and resources for kids and parents to explore. The site will launch Sept 15 and will be accessed through Follow Music Kideos on Instagram


About Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers

The Dirt Nappers are a variety of seasoned sidemen-Mike Heaphy on steel (Steve Forbert), Dan Weiss on keys (Joan Osborne, Goo Goo Dolls, Duncan Sheik), Thad DeBrock on guitar (Judy Collins, Graham Nash, and Susan Vega) Tony Tino on bass (Asbury Jukes, Gavin DeGraw), and Tommy Deihl on drums.

Frank Migliorelli has written and published a library of music for advertising agencies, children's publishers, and video game projects. He's been a finalist in top songwriting competitions. As a producer, Frank has recorded with such great artists including the award-winning duo "Satan and Adam”- now featured in an award winning documentary, Bill Perry-"Love Scars”, The Uptown Horns and a number of other album releases. He's written and produced music for a 20th Century Fox "X-Files" video game, numerous children’s video games for Scholastic and Sunburst!

For more information, please isit Frank Migliorelli's website.


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