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  • Bryon Harris

Focus Your Audio - “Masquerade”

Review Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

Hailing from Vancouver, Focus Your Audio is the wildly talented duo made up of Bobby McAloney and Sarah McArthur. Their music encompasses and embraces the best parts of folk, Americana and rock and roll. Sarah’s rich and passionate vocal performance is perfectly supported by Bobby's stellar musicianship. Their undeniable chemistry is heard and felt throughout their songs. The duo has released their debut self-titled EP. Off the EP, "Masquerade," is a great way to get acquainted with their appeal.

A vibrant medley of piano, guitar, strings, and percussion set the tone for this brilliantly adventurous, emotionally compelling piece of music. Focus Your Audio is a group that knows how to develop tension and build layers, and this is abundantly evident in “Masquerade.”

A soft, vulnerable confession seems to turn into a brave, powerful declaration in a matter of seconds, led by passionate vocals and supported by intelligent production.

Sarah McArthur’s voice is artistic and freely flowing in every way, and it is only enhanced by the masterful use of reverb and doubling that bring the vocals into the fourth dimension. By the last chorus, it’s impossible not to hum along with those memorable lyrics.

“I hope that things are going alright, I heard you made changes, moving on with your life.”

“Masquerade” is one of very few songs in the genre that go the extra mile to achieve a sense of utter completeness, not just in songwriting, but in the intricate use of melodic counterpoint and emotional undertones.

One only has to pay attention to the piano part, as an example, to discover the way in which the song truly earns the description of “catchy.” One can go back and listen hundreds of times, and discover new revelations in each sitting.

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