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Fire Follows - 'Let Me Go'

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

To be officially released on October 15, “Let Me Go” from the Colorado based Rock band Fire Follows led by musician, producer, and songwriter Chris Watt is a genre hopping, 3 minute blast of adrenaline. The song knocks you off your feet then runs down the street before you realize what just happened.

Virgin ears will be greeted with a mix of sounds as Watt blends elements ranging from melodic hard rock, bouncy angst ridden Nu Metal, and even Goth inspired atmospherics to create a sound that is pleasantly unexpected.

Take the verses for example. Hip hop lines are rapped over a bed of electronic beats and piano before shifting to Linkin' Park inspired departures. The aforementioned verse lines are layered with some nice screaming before shifting to monolithic blasts of power chords.

What was really unexpected was the vocal performance in this super anthemic chorus.

"Let me go this sea will not part on its own If I have to cut it from stone This shelter was never my home The time has arrived let me go."

The delivery presented can only be summed up as equal parts acrobatic and slightly unhinged in the best possible way. It gives the listener the feeling like this guy is on the edge and he’s about to lose it which works perfectly given the genre. The intensity is not only heard, it's felt. It’s inspiring to hear a vocalist who chooses not to play it safe within the trappings of the mainstream influenced modern rock/metal genre.

The bridge shifts in tone drastically to my delight. Incorporating more cinematic orchestration juxtaposed with pummeling thrash beats and more intricate riffing. As a long time fan of bands on the more extreme side of the metal spectrum, this made my ears perk up for sure. The production is very sleek and polished. The drums and guitars sound HUGE and the vocals are right up in your face. The mix as a whole is sonically competitive as far as the contemporary modern hard rock/metal genre goes. All around, "Let Me Go" is an impressive and edgy song that doesn't let you go, from beginning to end.

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About Fire Follows Colorado based Fire Follows is a heavy-melodic rock project founded by writer/front-man Chris Watt. The group's sound is incredibly multifaceted, and has garnered appeal from fans of virtually all genres. Often referred to as "anthemic", the music blends elements of nu-metal, rap, and hard rock, while consistently delivering soaring, hooky and unbelievably memorable choruses.

In an effort to prepare for 2022 touring, the 3 piece has added 2 additional members, and plans to be on the road as soon as the industry gets back on the rails. The addition of Tim and Emily in 2020 has helped to evolve the band's sound, and fans can expect to see continued growth as the group assimilates the new players. Chris is continually in the studio, and fans can expect to get at least 2-3 more singles before the end of the year. The band wants its fans to know how excited they are to finally get on the road, and cannot wait to see all of you soon! In the meantime, enjoy the new single "Let Me Go" coming 10/15/21!

For more information on Fire Follows, please visit there website.


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