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Filled to the Brim - 'All of You'

By Brandon Watts & Staff

Hailing from Utica, New York, Filled to the Brim consists of five creative and talented teenagers who have developed a modern and mature sound in the indie pop arena. Filled to the Brim met at Jim O'Mahony's Rock Camp in July 0f 2018. At the end of this session, Filled to the Brim had composed their first single, "Turn Back the Time". Then the band members started collaborating on new song ideas and played their first concert in August 2018. In December 2018, they recorded their first single, "Turn Back the Time" with Jose Varona from MoreSound Studios in Syracuse, NY. Since then, they've written 10 more songs and produced two music videos, and are currently working on brand new songs for their upcoming second album. Their song "All of You" is a great way to get acquainted with their undeniable talent. .

“All of You” is a testament to the extraordinary musicianship of the young teens who make up Filled to the Brim. The band consists of: Tori Haggerty (lead vocals/ukulele);

Jack Towns (keyboards/vocals); Owen Paz (keyboard, cello, vocals);Alyssa Tomassi (drums, percussion, vocals); Zach Tomassi (guitar).

The song showcases an elegant neo-soul arrangement with rich harmony between glistening keys and guitar. The bass really gets you into the groove with engaging moving phrases with tight rhythm. A guitar solo mid-way showcases an unpredictable style that packs an emotional punch in a short time.

While the suave composition grips listeners, Tori's vocals soothe listeners with a silky smooth timbre that will give you chills. Beautifully dynamic and expressive, Tori doesn’t hesitate to let loose amidst soulful motifs and jazzy harmonies breaking into the chorus singing,

“I want all of you, the good and bad from you The slippery slopes, the rocky roads The morning kiss, the nights spent ticked The winter colds, the summer golds Give me all of you”

“All of You” tells a sweet story of being in love, and wanting to be with that person through good and bad times. The verses are riddled with emotion and seamlessly transition and carry that energy into the choruses in a manner that keeps you enraptured in this purely crafted song.

Filled to the Brim is definitely a group you will want to keep your ear on. "All of You" is unexpectedly all of what discerning ears want from a song. The group's masterful musicianship defies genres with hints of jazz, neo-soul, and indie rock while lead vocalist, Tori, mezmerizes. This is a young band to watch.

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