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  • Bryon Harris

Fervent Roze - 'Ghost'

In 2012 four students at Tarleton State University formed a band. They played the locals bars from Dallas to Fort Worth and Denton. Over time, they gained a strong following and at the height of the quartet's time together, they won the 2014 'Wits End Battle of the Bands' in Dallas. That band was the beginning of Fervent Roze. Since then, the lineup has gone through some changes. Today, Fervent Roze is a dynamic two piece rock-pop band consisting of PJ Ramirez ( vocals, guitar and keys) and Waylon Glover (drums, guitar, keys and back-up vocals). Off their impressive 14-track album title 'Charm & Wit,' their single "Ghost" demonstrates why this duo is here to stay.

With a windy electronic ambiance and stark piano chords, slightly syncopated, "Ghost" takes you by surprise with a spoken-word-rap intro.

"I’m here to show you what failure looks like, so maybe you’ll wake up and realize You shouldn’t chase the same dream as me To try to achieve more than you were meant to be."

The track then takes a sharp turn, breaking open like shattered glass with clean beats, and deep sub-bass. As the arrangement drives forward, an electronic urgency, intense and daring, is achieved with synth layering and sharply executed accented sixteenths. The result keeps you on the edge of your seat, glued to the music and lyrics.

The rap continues showcasing raw emotion and street-poetic sensibilities. The song is about reaching for something that may be out of reach, while stretching the support of others without breaking the thinly stretched elastic band that's holding it all together. The song explores art and survival and the desire to create music against all odds. Every musician out there can relate to this theme and fans will connect with the duo's honesty.

"I'm a ghost now stuck in song there’s nothing to hear so move along move along."

Throughout, the arrangement takes you in and out of great electronic grooves as you swim through currents of sonic waves created by duo. The combination of genres: rap, rock, funk, pop, electronic, dance keeps you captivated with material that is ever-engaging. It's vibe is both improvisational and composed, and always unique and original.

Fervent Roze set out with a spirit of resiliency and tenacity for the sake of creativity - the goal was to do their songs justice on their own terms and, with only two musicians at the helm, they achieve that goal with unbound originality in "Ghost" which lingers long after you've heard it.

For more information, please visit Fervent Roze's website.

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