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Faithless Town - 'What I'm Dreaming Of'

Review Written By Victoria Scott & Staff

Faithless Town is an American rock band led by singer-songwriter Gene Owens. Formed in Atlanta and based in Los Angeles, the band has members on both the East and West Coast. The East Coast line-up consists of Owens (lead vocals, guitar), Matthew Smith (guitar, backing vocals), Geoff Goodwin (keyboards), Tyler Sant (bass guitar), husband and wife Padrick (drums) and Kristine Handley (backing vocals, percussion). On the West Coast, the line-up has Owens (lead vocals, guitar), Andy Meixner (guitar), David Walker (bass), and Thomas "Tommy" Zamorano (drums, backing vocals). Their first full-length album, American Refugee (2012) featured the single “Ghosts Of My Hometown” which received FM radio play throughout the American Southeast. Branching out from their Americana Rock roots, Faithless Town’s new record, Empires, is an eclectic album ranging in music styles as diverse as 80’s Pop and New Wave to Folk and Grunge. EMPIRES was released Feb. 21st 2020 on Spectra Music Group. Off the album, "What I'm Dreaming Of" is a testimony to their talent.

"What I'm Dreaming Of" by Faithless Town inspires with a message of peace and unity. The song opens with bright guitar strumming and a tight drum and bass groove. The organ brings on a funky flavor while the electric guitar fills the groove with tasty riffs. The band's energy is electrifying as Gene's husky and sultry vocals perfectly harmonize with the string section. The production is smooth and the band's performance is flawless. Faithless Town are marvelous, experienced musicians who kill the arrangement with earthy vocals, tasteful riffs, funk-rock keys and a bumpin’ rhythm section.

Gene enters singing, "You and I aren't so different. We both want the same things. A little love and respect, and all the light that it brings. So don’t trust the TV. Don’t believe your feed We’re not that different you and me." From the start, you can hear Gene's confidence in expression as he sings about what unifies us.

Songwriter Gene Owen’s inspiration for “What I’m Dreaming Of” came from John Lennon’s famous song “Imagine.” During these times of uncertainty and unrest, from the pandemic to environmental and political issues, it's easy to lose our grip, but love and respect can unite us if we listen to our hearts instead of the "feed."

“If they say we can’t get along. Look em’ in the eye, and tell them they’re wrong, because there’s only one race and there’s only one love. Peace is what I’m dreaming of.”

Faithless Town is an incredible band who present the perfect combination of message and music. Their artistry shows the magic of rock and the spirit of music for change. Faithless Town’s rawness is electrifying; their music is intoxicating; and their message of peace and love is inspiring. If you've lost faith in the world or even in rock music - get it back with Faithless Town.

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