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  • Bryon Harris

Faded Shades - 'She Left Yesterday'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“She Left Yesterday” begins with electric guitars playing a whimsical riff. They are soon joined by bass and drums playing a hard hitting rock groove that sets the vibe for the song. Joe enters on the first verse singing with laid-back, natural vocals. "I'll make a safe bet she don't stay / She's hell bent on running away / The water calls in a subtle way / Journeys whisper calling her name."

The song unfolds to tell the story of love and loss through the allure of travel and separation. After the second verse, a guitar solo highlights the track with strong melodic sensibilities that are not overly flashy. The guitar solo pulls listeners in with a tasteful performance. This is an excellent arrangement choice as it contrasts from the consistent verses, and builds the song’s excitement before pulling back to add contrast once more. The band's refined sense of transition serves the song well. Following the third verse, an instrumental section segues seamlessly into another melodic and memorable guitar solo which ends with a re-statement of the memorable melody. The song ends with one final verse and the poignant line, "Don't let love keep you from being free."

The lyrics behind “She Left Yesterday” are about a relationship involving two people growing apart as a result of the need to discover different things in life. The story is is conveyed with lyrics such as “The water calls in a subtle way” and “Journeys whisper calling her name.” The magic of this song lies in its' lyrics which reels listeners.

“She Left Yesterday” by Faded Shades is a well written song that truly connects with listeners. Filled with memorable melodies, both vocally and instrumentally, this song will have listeners singing along by the second verse. In addition, the arrangement although subdued, packs a good punch and serves as a rock steady vehicle to convey the melody and lyrics to listeners. Faded Shades is a band built on excellent songwriting and heartfelt performances that give you plenty of reasons to stay. Listen on Spotify.

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