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Eye’z - 'Go For It'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Go For It” is such an encouraging song and it’s so delightfully chill and laid back. Bolstered by its confident beat, it gently soars with so many rich layers and interesting colors. Not only is it catchy, but it’s also got really good vibes and makes you feel amazing when listening to it. It’s the kind of song that would be great to start each day with as it creates a sense of hope, abundance, and passion.

Lyrically, Eye’z is singing about relieving oneself of the self-imposed chains that hold us back from doing what we love. In the first verse, she is trying to encourage someone who is interested in her to come over to her and say hi. The lyrics have an interesting approach where they almost feel like a genuine conversation, yet they are also poetic and expressive. “If you like what you see, then why do so many people hold back what they’re feeling, don’t look away just see me through”. The 2nd verse opens up the topic to anything that you’re passionate about, encouraging the listener to follow their heart and to cherish every living moment. “If you love it and you live it every moment filled with passion, with passion and consistence, you put in every detail, precious your triumph day is coming”.

The arrangement has such a unique flavor to it, and it’s filled with satisfying ear candy. The song kicks off with a heavy hip-hop beat and immediately makes its idiosyncratic vibe clear with the pizzicato strings that play on top. Piano often comes in adding a warm layer that also adds an emotional element to bolster the vocals.

Eye’z vocals are so thick and smooth. She really gets to show off her range and prowess in the bridge of the song where she sings up higher, bringing a slight gospel vibe to the song. The organ in the bridge also shakes up the song and adds yet another unique soundscape. “Go For It” is a lovely song that will undoubtedly unlock the chains that are holding you back and remind you to love each and every moment.

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About Eye'z

Eye'z is a singer, pianist & actress from the San Francisco Bay Area. Getting her start in the formative years of her life she took piano voice dance and acting before kindergarten. After dancing in the OakTown Drill team, Eye'z started Performing in several musicals & plays. As a teen Eye'z became a valued member of Oakland Youth Chorus Faye Carols MITC and made appearances on the Sabrina Samuels Show. Now working with My Music Block TV, Eye'z presence is ablaze throughout the golden state. Releasing music with Bongo Boy Records and her signature song "...Still a rainbow". Eye'z popularity increased online via an Instagram campaign & started releasing fan exclusives on Bandcamp. Eye'z performed her fan exclusive "It's The One" in August of 2020 to an adoring audience in Oakland Ca during a small concert series. "Eye’z demonstrated outstanding use of her vocal skills"- Cheryl Manuel BA Music

For more information on Eye'z, please visit her website.


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