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Evelyn Murray Drayton – “Miracles are on my Mind”

Evelyn Murray Drayton’s “Miracles are on My Mind” is sure to enrapture listeners from start to finish with its funky, soulful groove. In the spirit of Evelyn’s passion for ministry, the song opens up with a motivational passage accompanied by a thick, bumping bass motif that immediately gets you feeling the rhythm.

Kicking off the first verse, exceptional vocals grace the track with a smooth flow drawing some influence from old-school R & B /hip-hop. Soon the arrangement evolves with the additions of bombastic horn melodies and ambient keys that add a distinctive flair to her sound.

Evelyn urges listeners to have faith and believes that miracles can really happen. She shares the story of the miracle that gave her hope. After suffering massive injuries from a head on collision, being on life support for 3-weeks and not being able to walk or talk, Evelyn made a full-recovery through a miracle and now can spread and share positivity through stellar, uplifting tracks.

Featuring Mashonte A’meris, “Miracles are on my Mind” offers listeners a combination of motivational speaking, soulful vocals with layers of harmony, and an instrumental groove that will make you want to get up and break it down. You can find Evelyn and her music on all major streaming platforms. Make sure to check out the links below for more information!

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About Evelyn Murray Drayton

Evelyn is a resident of Georgetown, South Carolina. She has obtained numerous ministerial credentials, recorded several contemporary songs, and published eight inspirational books. Motivated by her love for people and challenges in ministry, she has landed numerous interviews (magazine, radio and television). Even after a near-death experience in 2013, Evelyn continued to minister by hosting her own TELL SOMEBODY television show using her own recorded theme song titled, Tell Somebody.

Evelyn's amazing September 2020 song release titled, "Miracles Are on My Mind" featuring Mashonte A'meris is available on all major music portals. Evelyn has partnered with various ministries over the years, and ultimately, always helped to catapult them to a greater level. She loves sharing her testimony and encouraging others to believe and trust in Jesus Christ for their healing and direction in life. Displaying and engaging her Christian character and integrity, Dr. Drayton has also received numerous awards from churches and community organizations. She is blessed to be a blessing for Kingdom sake.


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