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Eric Austin - 'Joy in The Mornin’

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Joy in The Mornin’” is a meditative and inspirational song which will have you moving your body and singing along with the music!

Listeners will love Austin’s commitment to the message, seeming to give his voice completely over to the music of the moment, and communicating the song internally as much as externally. The overall sound of this music is dedicated and serious, but still loose with a natural groove.

Lyrically, “Joy in The Mornin’” is inspirational from every angle. “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” The music imbues these lyrics with further spirit and character. “Rejoice in the Lord, and again I say rejoice, and make a joyful noise.” Austin’s trance-like delivery of these sentiments is extremely effective, inviting listeners in and serving the song. The Arrangement of “Joy in The Mornin’” is courageous and satisfying. The percussion track is well-played, rising and falling dynamically with the song. The bass is present and driving, while the acoustic delivers consistent rhythm. A drop-down chorus crescendos beautifully to a payoff musical peak. This is music that packages intensity in a friendly and welcoming way. “Joy in The Mornin’” is a song you will be glad to listen to again and again.

For more information on Eric Austin Music, please visit Reverbnation Listen on Bandcamp


About Eric Austin

Eric has enjoyed music and the arts for as long as he can remember. He grew up in a Christian home listening to his father sing and whistle around the farm, in the garden, or repairing buildings and vehicles. He enjoyed going to camps, concerts and revival meetings in his early years. It was in his youth that he started writing songs, poetry and short stories. He learned guitar at an early age from a youth pastor. It was evident that God had His hand in developing Eric’s talent for His glory.

Growing up in Eric’s shoes wasn’t always easy. He jokes that he has suffered sports injuries like a coffee shop only serves coffee… they don’t serve just coffee and there's a lot to choose from as his injuries go above and beyond just sports. Between the ages of 18 and 29 he was in and out of the hospital do to concussions.

Through all of the trials and tribulations, Eric has been steadfast in ministry since his childhood, as he started ministering to his peers at an early age. As a peer youth leader, he contributed his time and talent as an editor and contributor for the newsletter of his youth group and helped lead a regional youth gathering called Nitro Happenings. Eric has started and led many Bible studies and prayer groups throughout his life. God has used him to lead worship at several events, minister salvation to all ages, mentor youth and be a role model to many. He continues to use him as a shining light in his community and on the web. Eric has been in full time ministry with Young Adult Koninenia, Source, and the Extreme Tour.

Having written two hours’ worth of original music he has experience in writing Americana, inspirational, conversational, subtle evangelism, graduation music, worship and intersession. His skills are beyond his years of training as he has had little formal training. While he has had a wonderful life, he has been through a lot of heart ache and has been healed by the blood of The Lamb. It shows up powerfully in his music. He is a rising star as God is using him in a mighty way.

His sound has been likened to Rich Mullins, Ten Shekel Shirt, Enter the Worship Circle, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Jason Upton, and Jeremy Riddle. Eric studied at the same school as Rick Pino and Nicole C Mullins. In the past he has used the same music studio as Rick Pino and Michael Tyrell (a guitarist for Jason Upton). While he has worked with artists such as Grant Adams, Cornbread Harris, Five Men in Black, Jesse Abraham from 12 Stones, Endoxos, True Serva, Camp Welch, and Ben Tucker. Eric was the only rookie to play the show where it was announced that Cornbread Harris would be inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. Eric has enjoyed performing at venues such as The Fine Line (a Prince club), Station 4, Fallout Urban Art Fest,The Beat, Corner Coffee, The Nicollet (where he had a running gig every Saturday at noon), JJs Coffee & Icecream (where he had a running gig every Sunday at 3pm), 7 times at the MN State Fair in one year, from Minnesota to Mexico and beyond, among other international shows. Eric recently just received an invitation to record with a producer who has worked with Chris Tomlin, Charlie Daniels, The Swampers out of Muscle-shoals, etc.

Currently Eric enjoys spending his time outdoors while camping, hiking, biking, fishing and swimming. But first he is a worshiper at heart, as a man after God’s own heart, a lover of God and his fellow man.


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