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  • Bryon Harris

Elii - 'Unknown'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Unknown” has a powerful vibe and a beautiful vocal melody. The drum and bass groove is incredibly deep and will have you moving and shaking. Ethereal synth leads add a dreamlike dimension to the music. The overall construction of the song is incredibly engaging, drawing listeners in and offering more than just a dance track. This is the kind of song that you can really connect with.

Lyrically, “Unknown” is a poetic testament to love. “You show me love I never knew, I can do everything with you…Still I want more.” This dedicated and inspired sentiment is injected with vitality through the smooth intensity of the song. “Whisper to me I’m needing you.” Listeners will love the contrast between the lyric “whisper” and the melodic climax of the song. The arrangement of “Unknown” is an exhibition of true talent in rhythmic track construction. The evolution of drum sounds and hi hat patterns in this track is phenomenal. The instruments come together perfectly to tell a story.

Elii’s lead vocal is engaging and expressive. This is a song that establishes a mood and plays with the dynamics of emotion. Overall “Unknown” is the kind of song you could listen to every day. Listen on Spotify

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About Elii

Elii is a very dynamic singer, songwriter, and Mc who has made hit after hit proving that he is here to stay. The self proclaimed father of spiritual-melodic-pop, Elii makes positive music with haunting choruses and amazing flow-over, addictive beats which include reggaetón, dance, and even elements of hip hop.


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