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  • Bryon Harris

Edie Yvonne - 'With the Light'

Updated: Jan 16

Review by Aaron Cloutier

Singer-songwriter Edie Yvonne delivers an evocative and captivating performance on the newly released “With The Light” which can be described as dark, edgy pop with brooding rock influences.

Written during the pandemic, the song touches on themes of hopelessness and desperation portrayed through the lens of a fictional character named Jade (also created by Edie.)

An accompanying short film depicts the young Jade and her struggles to escape her stifling domestic surroundings during her adolescence. The musical content strongly supports this narrative as listeners will be greeted by pulsating electronic beats, side chained bass, and dreamlike guitar overdubs as the arpeggios splash over the ambient backdrop.

Edie’s voice is crystalline yet mournful as she gently croons into the microphone. Once the chorus hits, I’m hit with a mother of an ear worm with the line “Feels to me like everywhere I go, I’m still blocked by your shadow.” I know I’ve talked about massive hooks in the past, and this one is no exception. This hook suggests a level of songwriting ability that is years ahead of the 14 year old artist. (Yes, you read that right!). What an impressive display of topline writing skills are on full display here!

Most notable to my ear, is when things build to a sizably epic crescendo in the bridge section about 2/3rds of the way in. The tone shifts from the more melancholic and dance-like verses & choruses to driving, and dare I say heavy, with the inclusion of distorted guitars, thundering toms, and Edie’s mournful vocals as she sings “I’m sitting by the window, all I see is your shadow. And I’m wishing by the window with your shadow.”

It was a welcome surprise for sure. It was a part of the song that I wish repeated due to it’s emotional impact but at the same time, it just made me want to hear the song again. Check it out and see if you feel the same way. Edie Yvonne is a young artist who stands above par and shines in "With the Light."


About Edie Yvonne

Edie Yvonne is a 14 year old singer-songwriter. She recently released her debut single entitled With the Light. Eyes of Lies will be available on all platforms on new years day.

Edie is also an actress and has starred in several short films including Kitty, Lola Girl Got A Gun and At Ease.


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