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  • Bryon Harris

Echoheart - 'Life Until'

Echoheart has released a new EP titled ‘Life Until” that dives into the deep waters of honest self-observation and swims to the surface with enough self-awareness to catch your breath, let the rain fall as it may, and relish whatever sunlight you can find in the moment.

Using the months of the year (June and November) as a metaphor for life’s emotional ups and downs, Marina of Echoheart sings about the changing seasons of emotion in the EP's opening song, “Void,” showing how light and dark days are part of the cycle of life.

I feel like yesterday it was June/ 2 o’clock in the afternoon/ I slept in too late, and the very next day/ November came too soon/ So I wait again for June.

Musically, Marina starts the song with a vocal presence that is intimate. As she sings, it feels like she is disclosing her feelings and thoughts like a confidant. The duo, Mariana and Pablo, keep the track simple with a drive that always feels like it has someplace to go. Starting with a laid back energy, then moving to the energetic and catchy chorus, the message is that you can slowly fill the emptiness.

With an upbeat vibe, “Let Me Know,” is confident and contagious. The guitars and percussion are crisp and clean. The duo captures the feeling of being in your twenties, (not a child anymore), but not quite settled into adulthood, feeling like you've learned a lot but you “know nothing at all.”

In “Let Me Know” Echoheart displays honest, emotional intelligence. The highlight of the song is the well-written chorus.

“I feel old, but not old enough / I’m grown, but grown into what? / My friends feel so past tense / I’m still wondering when it’ll start to make sense.”

Track 3, “Introspective” is about being too analytical, too much in your own head, and wanting to return to a sense of balance. It’s also about truth and consequences. Vocally, Marina is at her best in this song as she digs into the lyrics with unconstrained expression.

“Too introspective to the point where it’s just hurting me / I’m overthinking every moment really everything / I can’t get out of my head I’m way too god damn upset/ over emotional I wanna be myself again.”

“Too Much To Say” is power-chord driven song with a mesmerizing rock groove that gets underneath your skin. Here, Marina’s vocals commence in a rich alto-range; background vocals are full and haunting. The duo’s rock-side shines through with a message about emotional avoidance.

The last song on the EP is “Until Then.” The song ends the EP on the road it started on which is the desire to be in a place that feels okay after things fall apart.

“I’m stranded on this empty road/ Pick me up and take me home/ Cause you know how I hate to be alone.”

Guitar solos cuts through the wall of sound with a nice bite. The drums hit a bit harder searching for “absolution” and “retribution.”

“Life Until” is a triumph of twenty-something honesty that doesn’t come wrapped up in a pretty adulthood package with a feel-good ending. Echoheart is too dam real for that. Instead, the duo offers raw self-observations set to vocals that sound like your closest friend is sharing their deepest self-doubts set to musical landscapes that are sparse, yet full of intensity.

If you are looking for a band who you can relate to on those days where you just feel like you just don’t measure up, then Echoheart will get you through the day.


About Echoheart

Echoheart is a dynamic two-piece pop-rock band from Rockville, Maryland. The duo consists of two young twenty-something artists: singer-songwriter and guitarist, Marina Heathon and drummer, percussionist, Pablo Hanna.

Echoheart has been going full force since 2015. Known for their relentless work ethic, they are continuously adding to their musical arsenal putting out EPs, singles, and music videos. Motivated to share their music and connect with fans, the band books their own tours from coast to coast. They are known for their high-energy shows and personable stage presence.

For more information on Echoheart, please visit their website. Listen on Spotify

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