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Dustin McKamie - 'Creature!'

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

All things 80's scream (no pun intended) in the synth laded pop track that is “Creature!” by Singer/Producer/Multi-instrumentalist, Dustin McKamie.

Amidst the synthetic chord progression, subtle hip hop rhythms, and dense electronic instrumentation, the listener will hear crystalline verses and soaring choruses spinning a haunting love story best depicted in lyrics like “I swore I’d never haunt ya but I’m a ghost I panicked And now I’m coming for ya Like a creature in the attic.”

The production style on “Creature!” is in a word, atmospheric. Very clean and clear, the mix has a healthy does of reverb. The juxtaposition of the this plus the pop songwriting sensibilities makes for a nice contrast against sporadic screams and growls, maniacal laughter, and other sounds of horror throughout the track. Clever does not do this song justice. The lyrics and word painting are truly engaging.

Being that this is a pop tune, the voice and message are without a doubt the focal point, but I was very surprised to hear a guitar solo smack in the middle of a song. A rarity in pop music to my ears these days.

In short, if the sounds of spookiness bring up memories of a relationship you once had, and you want to take that emotion to the club, then “Creature!” is the song you've been waiting for. Like the hit TV sensation "Stranger Things" that evokes spook, emotion, and 80's sensabilities, this song has mass appeal.

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About Dustin McKaime Originating from the midwest, Dustin McKamie is an American singer/songwriter who has made a living as an artist in the Los Angeles area. Most notably, Dustin's visual effects artistry can be seen on hit TV shows like HBO’s Game of Thrones, Westworld, and AMC’s The Walking Dead (to name a few). When he’s not busy making dragons fly and killing zombies, he is writing and recording music. After spearheading different bands, playing over 100 live shows, and touring the country, Dustin is no stranger to the music scene. Just recently he was acknowledged as a winning finalist for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. In 2011 he was a winning finalist for a contest put on through Universal Pictures to be placed on the Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World blu-ray. His song was hand-picked by director Edgar Wright and voted to win by the public. Dustin released his first single, "CREATURE!" on Oct. 30th 2020 which has already received rave reviews. With a new EP on the way, Dustin's songs have emotionally charged lyrics that cut through an atmosphere of 80's inspired electronic beats and synth-wavy sounds. Bedroom Indie rock pop at it's finest with influences of The Postal Service, Bleachers, and The Smiths.


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