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  • Bryon Harris

Drugs For Guns - "Heaven Or Hell"

Review By Aaron Cloutier & Brandon Watts

The UK based Electronica artist “Drugs For Guns” returns to bring us the equally intense “Heaven of Hell” from the depths of Ipswich, England.

Much like the hyperkinetic “Heads or tails”, the song features all the intensity and atmospheric elements found in the Electronica genre as well as the repeated use of soundbites to push along Drugs For Gun’s overall narrative. What’s refreshing about this track is the use of contrasting rhythms and feels throughout.

One second, you’re listening to an upbeat and driving rhythm, and the next, You’ll find yourself head bobbing to a sudden half-time feel which creates such an impactful groove. Upon first listen, “Heaven or Hell” feels a lot more rhythmically dynamic and dance like than “Heads or tails”

Sonically, the music is very in your face. Complete with pleasantly nasty mid to low register keyboards, fat electronic snares that sound like a building coming down to mechanized synthetic overdubs, and thunderous 808’s. Although every instrument to my ear sounds electronic, I can totally see this song being replicated by a live band in a heavy rock context complete with guitar, drums, keyboards, etc. I feel like this song was designed for Germans driving on the autobahn.

At first, it might be easy to view the message depicted in this track as cynical what with the specific sound bites used throughout. It’s only towards the end that I feel Drugs For Guns’ overall message ties it all together. That message being one of hope, progress, and positive change with a vision of a brighter future. Whether you want to read into the deeper meaning of the song or not, I assure you that “Heaven Or Hell” won’t disappoint if hard Electronica is your bag. Check it out!

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