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  • Bryon Harris

Doc Roc - 'Rainey'

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

“Rainey” by Atlanta based band Doc Roc is a country fried slab of rock served on a bed of tasty pentatonic licks intricate banjo lines, sultry vocals and trance inducing grooves.

I feel like anytime I listen to music these days, my ears immediately go to the drums so let’s talk about that for a second. The kit is very dry to my ear which makes a lot of sense for this particular genre. I suppose you don’t really want to drown a Country Rock snare in Def Leppard style reverb but I digress. Like I said, the drum sound is very dry but it also has this crispness to it as well a warmth. It really makes for a solid frame as a super steady disco style beat is laid down throughout the track.

Speaking of warmth, let’s talk about the bass for a second. Ever the unsung hero of the band as in the event that one is doing one’s bass-ly (not a word but I’ll allow it) duties, the low end contributions are more felt than heard unless you’re paying attention like I am. And what mine ears detect are such a consistency and roundness to the tone that it’s almost like the sonic equivalent of a puzzle piece that just fits perfectly within the mix, masterfully.

There are also some really cool interplay between the guitars and what I believe to be banjo. (Sometimes I feel like I hear slide guitar but it’s tough to tell on these earbuds). Throughout the verses, there's a dynamic exchange between the lead guitar and vocals in particular. A really a nice call and response thing going on. Rainey even features it’s fair share of instrumental departures including a down and dirty guitar solo chock full of tasty licks.

Washes of soulful church organs do nicely to fill out the sonic nooks and crannies and really help elevate the sense of grandeur throughout the piece. All topped off with the aforementioned alluring vocal performance of a mystery vocalist whose tone is full of warmth and expression. Expertly executed and thoroughly engaging.

If you take your country music with a side of grit, “Rainey” from Doc Roc is the best on the menu!


About DocRoc In 1978, doctors Mike Hart, Tommy Caldwell, Jimmy Green, and David Trice delivered DocRoc at the University of Alabama School of Medicine, playing two songs for their graduation: "Ballad of DocRoc" and "Are We Not Doctors." DocRoc re-emerged in Atlanta as a rock and country cover band. Tony "T-Bone" Helton and Chris Thomas joined the band and DocRoc received a recording contract for "Driving at Night" and "Mesmerized."

Studio album Eggs y Tocino released in 2010, this included an audiobook for medical Spanish with additional Spanish language songs. Featured song from this album, "Frito Bandito" had use in a short film. The most recent production of DocRoc are "Rainey" and "Hubcap", the theme song of the movie and Halloween party song.

For more information on DocRoc, visit their website.

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