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DJ Scandalous - 'Move On'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

“Move On,” by DJ Scandalous is a pop song with hip-hop influences from the beat track to the ambient effects. The vocals have a great Ariana Grande and Rihanna vibe that will appeal to a mass audience.

During the chorus there’s a cool doubling in the vocals. As the beat machine picks up the tempo, a deep voice enters with a subtle beat drop. There is a continuous build in the rhythm section, with a clock ticking effect that keeps the song moving forward. Horns enter during the chorus breakdown for an all out jam.

The production by DJ Scandalous, Austin Leeds, and Kenny Bartolomei on the beats and the vocals are clean and well-arranged. Written by L. Hunter and J. Rodriguez, "Move On" can stand toe-to-toe with today's charting radio hits.

“Move On” has a positive vibe as the lyrics talk about moving forward from a relationship that wasn’t meant to be and telling the other person that they need to get over you. As the song says:

“They say that you never know what you have until it's gone and now you been reachin' reachin' reachin' back like you know I’m the one / If you need closure, let me remind you that it’s over (ohhh) / No matter how far you go to show me.”

DJ Scandalous “Move On” is upbeat and a feel-good song that everyone can relate to. Some people come into your life for a moment and when they are gone, it is like the sweet taste of freedom. “Move On” is a song that makes you feel good about a relationship ending; it possesses a refreshing attitude.

DJ Scandalous' hip-hop and pop-style is transcending. The vocal delivery is pristine and full of emotion. The lyrics are confident and strong. L. Hunter and J. Rodrigues are clever songwriters and the production is ingenious with the use of horns, beat machines, and the layering of the vocals. This song is a winner. Add it to your playlist now before it blows up.


About DJ Scandalous

In an age where boundaries and barriers increasingly divide us, DJ Scandalous is an artist whose diverse musical influences inspire and bring us together. As he likes to explain it, “I’m a fan of all genres, but a prisoner of no single one.” His following around the world attests to his 'Pop Without Limits' tapestry that includes Hip Hop, R&B, EDM, and Pop, infused with subtle classical influences – from rock to the great international


Born and raised in Chicago, his family’s musical heritage shaped his musical journey at an early age. For over a decade he’s honed his craft writing, producing, and promoting the work of both independent and major artists in Europe and Southern California worldwide. Always pushing limits at each stop along the way, creating his own unique style that honors the best of our musical past and incorporates today’s innovation, with a creative vision of great musical discovery yet to come.

Today, the Windy City is home, but the musical art of DJ Scandalous is a track-by-track journey of discovery where a unique heart-to-heart musical conversation awaits each of us, everywhere, as part of the soundtracks of our lives.

For more information on DJ Scandalous, please visit his website.

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