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Dinzy - "Turn My Mind Off"

By Anthony Nguyen and Staff

With a stunning display of musicianship and raw rock charisma Dinzy manages to deliver a masterpiece with her song “Turn My Mind Off”. The drums are explosive and drive the whole song. The toms are massive and every smack is ridiculously satisfying, a nod to both the playing and mixing. The kick and snare reassure the pace of the song with every solid hit. Working in perfect tandem with the drums is the bass, which provides a nice foundation for the rest of the song to rest on. The guitars are no joke either. Thick and punchy, they are expertly played and chug along maintaining listener interest throughout. Dinzy’s vocals absolutely breathtaking. She exudes such confidence and power while still maintaining pinpoint accuracy in her technique and pitch. This in combination with her infectiously bright charisma makes her vocals particularly standout, even amongst some of the best singers today.

Even though the instruments sound amazing, what makes this song stand toe to toe with any of its peers is the superb production and arranging. Each section flows into the next effortlessly. Each part of the song feels unique and fresh, instruments go in and out as needed to make sure there is never a stale moment. One example (of many) of this is in the post chorus when the song goes barebones with just the guitars and a phaser effect, allowing the song to breath before bursting into the next section. The verse is bold and exciting, while the chorus somehow manages to ramp up the energy even more with fierce vocals and clever arranging from the guitars. There is a guitar solo towards the middle of the song performed by Drew Creal which is very impressive. It is technically excellent but also manages to convey emotion at the same time, no easy task. This is the perfect palate cleanser going into the bridge which serves as a anticipatory calmer before exploding into the last chorus. This gives the outro a feeling of new energy and is the perfect way to pull the curtains on a magnificent production.

The inspiration for this song comes from the exuberant feeling of complete freedom. The song quite literally screams to break away from the chains of the mind that often hold us captive. “Turn my mind off Start turnin' me on Make the time stop You know I’ve been waiting so long” is just one example of the lyrics that really nail this theme down. From the arranging, to the mixing and even the background vocals no stone seems to be left unturned when it comes to excellence. With one of the best rock vocals to be heard this year, along with top notch producing and playing from the musicians, “Turn My Mind Off” by Dinzy is a standout achievement in songwriting.

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About Dinzy

Heart on sleeve, sleeve on fire, Dinzy is ready to leave it all on the floor. From the Whiskey A Go Go to Nashville’s Basement, with only a suitcase in the back of a sun baked Mustang, hard-luck LA-orphan Kristen Dinsmore is bringing her all-or-nothing anthems of survival, power, and discovery, with full-force, to the heart of Music City.

Delivering on-demand a harmonious, adrenaline shot rock with an unabashed sincerity and snarl, the Nashville-gone-nitro band is blazing the torch of big, loud rock and roll with a gasoline grit. Dinzy's debut electrifying, high-octane self titled album, was released in 2018 featuring Ann Wilson evoking yet unmistakably original and raw vocals along with unique approach to songwriting. Earlier this year, Dinzy toured American as the lead singer of the new wave 80's band, Bow Wow Wow for the "Totally 80's Tour" with When in Rome II and The Motels. Dinzy has recently released the electrifying music video for her single "Turn My Mind Off", where she vivaciously takes over the drums in an ode to the Classic MTV Glory days.

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