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DICI - "Bar For Bar"

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Bar for Bar” is a hyped up, danceable track with a cool intensity. Youthful and exuberant, this is a song that will have you nodding along from start to finish. DICI’s energetic flow sits on top of the beat, never letting any slack in the tightness of the music. There is a powerful confidence in the cohesive relationship between the beat and flow of this track. DICI delivers a solid performance and displays skilled writing.

Lyrically “Bar For Bar” matches perfectly with the vibe of the music. “Eating at Komodo, Wearing a kimono,” the playful nature of these lyrics create a pleasant musical space that puts the listener at ease. “Ever since a kid, I’ve been quite the dreamer knew that one day I would be whippin’ a beamer.” Uplifting and determined, this is a song that gives off an infectious positive feeling.

The backing track on this song creates tons of energy and motion without filling up too much space. A filtered keyboard progression is understated but complex, creating a rich harmonic landscape. Drum and percussion programming is intricate and detailed. Rhythms support and push the music forward and provide a sonic bed under DICI’s strong flow. Rhythmic breaks are nicely timed and serve the song. Alternatively high-fi and bit-crushed sections of the backing track give create a multi-dimensional feeling to the music.

Overall, “Bar for Bar” is an excellent song that you will want to hear again. At the young age of 17, DICI is an artist to keep an ear on.

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For more information, visit DICI's website.


About DICI

17-year-old emerging rapper DICI has been using his down time to be more creative and productive than ever. Off from school, free from his extracurricular lacrosse and weightlifting schedule and hanging in his bedroom all summer due to Covid-19, the multi-talented, Italian born, Milan and Miami raised artist mastered his new Pro Tools rig and began freestyling clever, incisive rhymes and whimsical, hard-hitting narratives.

These formed the foundation of the intuitive urban pop vibe he’s dropping publicly for the first time on his self-titled five track EP on his own label, DICI Records, LLC. Though officially he cites his rap influences as Eminem, Denzel Curry, Action Bronson and Mayhem Lauren – the latter two whom he discovered watching Bronson’s show “Fuck That’s Delicious” on Viceland – DICI says it was a YouTube video by renowned producer Kenny Beats that fired him up and sparked the intense dedication that fueled the project.

Mastering the rig meant a much quicker production as the 15 total tracks he recorded in August came together. A masterclass in fusing a hypnotic, moody vibe, a densely percussive groove and a high spirited, clever rhyming freestyle all about having fun, cruisin’ and enjoying life, “Bar for Bar” – the first track DICI created for the project - took him three days and 30 hours to complete.

DICI’s unique cultural background (American dad, Japanese mom) and numerous international travels make him a true musical citizen of the world who can draw inspiration from a wide range of fascinating experiences. The trilingual (Italian, Japanese, English) artist lived the first five years of his life in Milan, and though he’s been in Miami ever since, he’s traveled to Japan countless times and even went to school for a time in Tokyo.

In conjunction with the release of the EP, DICI will be dropping hard-hitting videos for “305-INTERLUDE,” “Bar For Bar” and “Vector” – all directed by Associated Press and Emmy winning director and cinematographer Brian Bayerl of Greendoor East Productions. They will be promoted by The Syndicate.


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