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Destiny Claymore - 'Stronger Than You Think'

Review Written by Victoria Scott

Destiny Claymore is a Neo Soul artist hailing from Massachusetts who weaves experiences beautifully through her haunting voice. Her song, "Stronger Than You Think" is a great way to get acquainted with this powerful artist's music and message.

"Stronger Than You Think," is an inspiring R & B song by Destiny Claymore, acknowledges the strength within. An energetic drum machine introduces Destiny's soft raspy vocals that vibrate over the R & B beat track. The lo-fi stereo effects and funky synth beats hit smoothly during the chorus as the deep vocals slowly progress in the bridge. Producer, Sille, and Engineer Hush Harding, capture Destiny's versatility and deep resonating vocals. The funky sonic pop R & B sound is both energetic and catchy.

“Stronger Than You Think” is a reminder of the power we have within ourselves to leave a toxic situation. It can be hard to leave when you’re not sure of yourself, but the heart can only take so much abuse until it breaks. Destiny tells her story of escaping a toxic situation and inspires others to find their strength to leave as she fiercely sings:

“Baby I've been around long enough that I can tell you I'm not playing the games, and maybe you should simmer down, 'Cause I'm not raising my voice for you. I've grown too much today. I feel like a flower that's blossomed.”

Destiny’s artistry is relatable and insightful. Her lyrics are encouraging and empowering while her track offers hypnotic beats and electric energy. She has a unique pop/ R & B style that is dynamic featuring her sun toned vocals that are full of soul.

Destiny shows genuine vulnerability by sharing triumph over challenges. She believes that people are stronger than they think, and anything is achievable even during the lowest moments in our lives. "Stronger Than You Think" is a musical testimony to Destiny's talent and tenacity.

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