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  • Bryon Harris

Desanka - 'Social Distance Christmas'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Social Distance Christmas” has all of the angst and humor required to survive a particularly challenging holiday season. Charming pop-punk energy combines with ripping vocal explorations in this tailor-made Christmas anthem. There is a distinctly upbeat and fun feeling on this track while tackling a depressing subject matter. The use of Bell Chimes (and the absence of jingle bells) demonstrate a singular vision for this track that pulls together handfuls of musical ideas in a very deliberate way.

The lyrics to “Social Distance Christmas” are a blast, offering tons of comic relief during a strenuous time. “Santa-tizers all we know”…”now disinfect my heart.” The exuberant feeling of the music matches these playful lyrics delightfully. “I’ve stayed six feet away…we won’t hug on Christmas day, but we won’t let that stand in the way of our Social Distance Christmas.” This song offers a resilience and a strength that is infectious.

“Social Distance Christmas” also happens to highlight a killer band. Instrumental prowess is on display, creating stylistic classic sounds and an overall great feel. The song has a huge sound while maintaining a quirky and down to earth feeling. Great production instincts make pop-punk holiday anthem one to remember, and a sure winner on your holiday playlist!

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About Desanka

Desanka is a Northern California native who grew up doing extensive amounts of musical theatre, choir, and Shakespeare. After moving to Los Angeles to attend the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts to study opera, she began to work in film as an actress.

After high school, she attended Pepperdine University as a Vocal Performance Major, transitioning to Berklee College of Music as a Music Business Major, and recently attained her Master's Degree in Music Business, while pursuing her dreams as an actress and a recording artist.


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