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Deanna DeMola – ‘Next Generation’

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

DeannaDeMola is an alternative pop Singer/Songwriter from Long Island. Influenced by Billie Eilish, Paramore, Halsey, her songs address personal and social challenges that have a very broad appeal. Her songs reflect her own struggles and strength. A few years ago, Deanna began to struggle with depression and anxiety. Eventually, she found solace in singing and playing music. Deanna has finished working in the studio with Songwriter/Producer Jimmy Greco (Carlos Santana / Paramore / Jennifer Lopez / Train) on her debut EP, Under Construction. It includes 6 heartfelt original songs that represent her journey as an artist. Her debut music video hit over 50K views in under 24 hours. During the summer of 2019, Deanna released her single and music video "All About You" which has reached over 77k views on YouTube. She is currently writing and recording new music with Jimmy Greco. Featured on National Indie Radio's Global Citizen Radio Special, her new song "Next Generation" is phenomenal.

“Next Generation” begins with a guitar line backed by keys, which creates a soothing cloud like sonic backdrop. The bass and subtle percussion are introduced next, giving the song a nice push pull feel. DeMola’s vocals enter assertively on the first verse, and along with a hard hitting beat, and wide background vocals, immediately make an impact on the listener. Deanna sounds ready for national airwaves.

The verse continues to grow, with additional melodic elements, and a hi-hat figure being introduced which complement the lead vocals, and glue the arrangement together respectively. Prior to the chorus, the arrangement pulls back, and gradually builds back up, nicely culminating in a drop onto the chorus.

The chorus itself, is a masterpiece. The groove is infectious, the arrangement is interesting a creates maximum impact on listeners, and the background vocals are unbelievably well arranged and executed. The captivating lead vocal, however, is never out-shined, as DeMola's vocal sits nicely center stage in the mix.

The lyrics in “Next Generation” serve as an anthem to uplift DeMola’s peers – the next generation. She encourages her peers to take charge and create change that can positively impact them and future generations. This message is reflected in lyrics such as “We’re not broken. Just don’t like what we see. We’re tired of our mindless society. Break the rules. You designed to go your way.” The moment in the song that stands out however, is in the chorus with “We’re free we’re the next generation…We’re gonna give it all cause we all we got now.”

“Next Generation” by Deanna DeMola is a well written and well produced piece of music that is meaningful and relevant. DeMola is without a doubt a vocal powerhouse, and this song brilliantly showcases her ability with a top notch arrangement. Every element to this song has a purpose, and provides the listener with an intense and high quality listening experience. Props to Jimmy Greco for an outstanding production.

For more information, please visit Deanna DeMola's website.


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