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Deacon Stone - 'Big Brother'

lbum Review by Vai Thomas & Staff

When it comes to rock music, there's a particular magic that can't be denied. It's that blend of raw power, soul-stirring melodies, and lyrics that reach into the core of your being. Deacon Stone's latest album, "Big Brother," embodies all these qualities and more, delivering a sonic experience that leaves a lasting impression. From the very first notes of the title track, "Big Brother," Deacon Stone sets the tone for an album that's unapologetically bold and unafraid to break the rules. With fiery guitar work by Rick Drevet and Dean Berry's commanding vocals, this song is a testament to the band's exceptional talent and their determination to stand out.

A six-track album, with lyrical themes ranging from the bombastically epic to the poignantly personal, and yet relatable at once to the listener, Big Brother boasts of superlatively arranged and rendered performances all-round, based in the realms of rock, pop-rock and soft metal, with a dash of folk and gospel added to the mix, that elevates the genre with resolute purpose.

At the time of writing this review, Deacon Stone has already attained a mass following, garnered through Rick Drevet’s guitar solos, Mark Pappalardo’s drumming, and Dean Berry’s vocals. This new album of theirs is further testament to their immense prowess.

The opening title number, ‘Big Brother’, written in the key of D, is a fiery opener that screams sheer business and replete with Prince-like screams and growls – fueled by one’s realization of being surrounded with multiple cameras and surveillance – that intersperse with its anthemic songwriting, and yet accompanied with a surprisingly understated use of the crash cymbal that gives the listener of subtleties an inkling that rules are going to be delightfully broken. "Grief Has No Rules" is a moving rock ballad that delves into the experience of losing a father and the emotions that come with it. The lyrics are deeply contemplative and anthemic, touching the core of one's emotions with lines like 'Mom’s daily calls, we both grieve, pulling from our souls, trying to believe, No guidebook here, we’re just lost in tears…'. The raw emotion is amplified by powerful vocals and harmonies that infuse a gospel-inspired element. The underlying chords, both primary and transitional, contribute to the song's emotional depth. With this song, Deacon Stone explores a tone that becomes more introspective, exploring the profound impact of loss and the emotional journey it entails. Dean Berry's vocals take center stage, delivering lyrics that tug at the heartstrings. The harmonies and gospel influence add an extra layer of emotion to this touching rock ballad.

"Put Me In My Place" is a Southern Rock gem that perfectly embodies the band's roots. This slow, yet highly uplifting track in A Major is autobiographical, detailing Dean's personal journey with his faith. The arrangement skillfully captures the essence of Southern Rock, with the harmonica lending its soulful touch and the guitar solo adding a captivating element. The instrumental components strike a perfect balance between a slow tempo and an uplifting atmosphere, making it ideal for engaging the audience organically. This song encapsulates the true spirit of Southern Rock. "This Small Town" picks up the pace with an upbeat melody and catchy songwriting. Dean Berry's dynamic vocal range takes the spotlight once again, and the lyrics add depth by pondering life's choices and possibilities.

"Hiding From the Moon" is an epic journey that delves into the complexities of relationships and self-discovery. The deep vocal timbre and piano-driven musicality create an immersive experience, with the electric guitar providing a thought-provoking counterpoint.

"The Answer" is a deeply personal track. It's dedicated to Mark's unborn son and his mother, and it tells the story of his triumph over temptation and addiction. This rock waltz gradually builds emotional and dynamic intensity, marking a contrast with the earlier parts of the song. It explores themes of hope, tender love, and forgiveness, delivering a powerful message. The reverb-infused kick and the electric-guitar's power chords complement the lyrical themes perfectly, as does the spoken word outro. "The Answer" serves as a compelling closing statement to Mark Pappalardo's journey.

Throughout this six-track journey, Deacon Stone takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, infusing each song with high-intensity energy, heartfelt passion, and impressive technical prowess. "Big Brother" emerges as a triumphant addition to the rock music landscape, leaving an indelible mark with its memorable melodies and lyrics that strike a deep chord with the audience. This EP, with a total duration of nearly twenty-one minutes, stands as a fiery testament to the band's prowess and dedication within the rock genre.


About Deacon Stone Deacon Stone is a musical powerhouse known for their Southern Fried Funk Rock sound. Founded by Rick Drevet, the band's journey has been a testament to passion and resilience. With Dean Berry joining as the lead vocalist, Deacon Stone is set to make a lasting impact. To learn more about the band and their music, visit

For an even more immersive experience, check out their official YouTube channel at

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