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David Starling - 'Cowards'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

David Starling is an Alternative-Country singer/songwriter from a small rural county just south of Tallahassee, FL. A lifelong musician, he co-founded Slow Low Crow and led the band to become an established act in the local music scene. Eventually, David started writing original music and decided to pursue his own direction. In 2019, after committing to an alcohol free life, he began recording his upcoming album. Offering songs in the traditional country and folk music genre, with lyrics written by and for the modern rural experience, his debut album Mondegreen is scheduled for release in December 2020.

David Starling inspires instant introspection and wistfulness as he begins “Cowards” with sweetly strummed guitar. The artist’s voice is smooth and well-paced, masterfully weaving an irresistible story with every phrase. Throughout the song, Starling will introduce his listeners to lush percussion, expressive organ, and passionate backing vocals.

David Starling’s lyrics act as a poetic confession of ways the artist has lived in the past. The song discusses the way in which greed cultivates a hollow, wasted life, turning good people into cowards in the face of real experiences. Every new section sees David Starling weave together a plethora of beautifully poetic lines and vivid imagery, creating a song that is irresistible to both the ears and the conscience.

“The record player's turning against the grasp of time, and in my king sized coffin I swim between the lines that keep the needle sailing on a sea of wax & rhyme as my mind explores the evermore & the lesser of my crimes.”

Starling has crafted a song that is powerful and enlightening, challenging every listener to wake up and reflect on their lifestyle. At the same time, the artist delivers this message in the vessel of a song that is both peaceful and passionate; a song that one can hold onto purely for the catchy musical mastery that it is. It is truly difficult to separate greed from talent in the modern music industry, yet it seems David Starling has done just that.

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