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Dave Molter - 'Let Me Down Easy'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

“Let Me Down Easy” by Dave Molter is a colorful blend of genres combining to create a powerful rock anthem. With a rich walking bass and vivid organ, this song is bold, bright, and rebellious.

“Let Me Down Easy” immediately launches into the groove, with a rich, booming bass line and rhythmic organ introducing the track. The combination of the walking bass line and the determined rhythm of the organ act as their own form of percussion on top of the driving drums. The colorful arrangement of “Let Me Down Easy” is reminiscent of ‘70s rock with its emphasis of organ and bass rather than the typical electric guitar, but leading up to a bold transition of accented horns, an edge of ‘60s soul also starts to come through. The horns pierce through the mix in clever moments of emphasis, highlighting rhythmic moments in the melody and important lyrics as Molter sings of a doomed relationship:

“I can see the truth: it’s right in your eyes

It’s a plain as day, so no more lies

Yeah I know it’s gonna hurt to see our dreams die…”

The chorus explodes with a wave of sound as the horns enter the mix in full blast and the organ rings out underneath the bold arrangement. Panned to both sides of the track, background vocals echo the confident lead vocals and fill in the layers of instruments even more. They resonate in dissonant harmonies, adding an edge of tension to the groove of “Let Me Down Easy”, and accentuate the rhythmic arrangement with their smooth sound.

Molter’s voice is the cherry on top of this colorful arrangement. He sings with a twinge of country delivery, but packs the power of a rock artist in his full, rich tone. Molter embellishes “Let Me Down Easy” with effortless melodic variations and an edge of grit that both emphasizes the musical uniqueness and boldness of the song as he sings:

“I’m beggin’ you

Let me down easy let me down easy”

“Let Me Down Easy” is a modern rock anthem with vibrant hints of ‘60s soul and ‘70s rock that blend to create a powerful song. With Dave Molter’s lively arranging and unique style, “Let Me Down Easy” is not one you want to miss.

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About Dave Molter

An accomplished veteran of the Pittsburgh, Midwest and East Coast music scenes since 1965, Dave Molter counts The Beatles as his primary influence. "Foolish Heart," Dave's debut EP, produced four No. 1 singles since its release in September 2019. Two followup singles, "Oh Woman, Don't You Cry" and his latest, "It Was You," debuted at #1 on Radio Indie Alliance charts. Dave second EP, "It Was You," was released Dec. 18, 2020 and is available on all online stores or from his website.

For more information about Dave Molter, please visit his website.


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