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Dave Molter - 'Fading Away'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Dave Molter is a 'USA Male Rising Star' and 'USA Male Single of the Year' Nominee in the 2020 International Singer Songwriter (ISSA) Awards. An accomplished veteran of the Pittsburgh, Midwest and East Coast music scenes since 1965, Dave continues to put out hit music and garnish accolades. Foolish Heart, Dave's debut EP, produced four No. 1 singles since its release in September 2019. Dave's latest single, "Oh Woman, Don't You Cry," debuted at #1 on Radio VGR in the UK three days after its release in December 2019. It quickly snagged the top spot on two more UK indie radio stations and as of March 2020 remained on the Radio Indie Alliance Top 40. Off his EP Foolish Heart, his song "Fading Away" is a great introduction to Dave's talent and universal appeal.

"Fading Away" opens with an exuberant, old timey rock and roll sound. A few hits on the drum and the band is all in with guitars, bass, and sax. The sax sings the melody which will quickly get stuck in your head, in a good way. The band is tight while yielding a live, jamming vibe that will get you out or your seat and into a barroom dancin' frame of body and mind. In addition to Dave Molter on lead and background vocals, Buddy Hall plays guitars and sings background vocals; Jason Kendall is on sax; and producer Jim "Doc" Dougherty plays slide guitar.

After the dynamic introduction, the track makes space for Molter's vocal entrance. "I used to think that we had somethin' really special. And we would be together for a long, long time." Dave's voice is natural and easy on the ears. His vocal performance sounds like he's having a blast as he puts a piece of his soul into every note. His performance is relaxed and inviting.

As the track moves forward, short staccato bursts from the sax add a nice rhythmic texture and background "ooo's" give the song a fun, nostalgic feel. The sax solos showcase the full range of the instrument with phrases that literally sing out the tune in an upper register so high it touches the sky. The musical interlude showcases a big band rock sound that makes you want to shout "hey!" and jump up and down. The energy is simply contagious.

Lyrically, the song is about a guy who feels like he is fading away. His lover has been "steppin out with other fellas" and he feels betrayed. The writing is witty with lines like, "You used to tell me I reminded you of Elvis. Your little hunka hunka burnin’ love."

The song's chorus is very melodic catchy:

"And I yi yi yi’m fading away, comin' apart at the seams Cause you, you, you, you, you ran away You ran away with my dreams."

With songs like "Fading Away," Dave Molter ain't gonna fade away anytime soon. The arrangement is a blast, the musicianship is stellar, the words are witty, and Dave sings with heart and soul. This is timeless music for every generation. With a rock and roll sound that makes everyone feel good and melodies that you can't help but sing along to, "Fading Away" is positively addictive.

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For more information about Dave Molter, visit his website.

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