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Darryl Anders AgapeSoul - "Nobody But You"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Nobody But You” is a momentous and inspirational soul song. A perfectly executed groove, smooth harmonic motion, and virtuosic vocals carry this song from start to finish. Listeners will love the instrumental prowess and songwriting wisdom that come together to form a cohesive and moving piece of music. The overall sound of this song will make your body want to move and your voice wants to sing.

Lyrically, “Nobody But You” is a pure love song.

“Our love is deeper than the ocean is wide, My heart’s an open book with nothing to hide, So in love with you there ain't nothing I can’t do, You are my inspiration my everything.”

These lyrics come to life on this track, sitting beautifully on top of the groove.

“Nobody Nobody But You could make me feel this, Nobody Nobody But You till my dying day.”

This is sophisticated, straightforward, uplifting music that will make you smile.

“Nobody But You” is built upon a phenomenal bass line. The drum track simultaneously supports the bass while filling in cracks to create remarkable rhythmic excitement throughout the song. Organ, keyboard, and guitar contribute a beautiful texture while backup vocals make the melodies soar through the air. And as if all of this weren’t enough, Maysa Leak’s vocals deliver a jaw-dropping lead vocal performance that never runs out of steam. Simply put, “Nobody But You” is a powerful work of art.

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About Darryl Anders AgapeSoul

AgapeSoul is driven by Anders’ singular musical vision to create a positive listening experience. Anders says “The name AgapéSoul comes from the Greek word Agape- meaning God’s unconditional love, and Soul- the place within us where music comes from. It also reflects the style of music I feel most connected to”.

“Nobody But You” ft. Maysa Leak is the title track from the upcoming AgapeSoul EP. It’s a song that reflects the joy of authentic and enduring grown-up love, delivered by one of the greatest voices in both soul and jazz. The music is a vibrant funky and feel-good groove that will have your soul dancing. Maysa transforms the lyric and tells a story that everyone can relate to.

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