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Dantès - Tick Tock (Beat Don't Stop)

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

"Tick Tock (Beat Don't Stop)," an EDM hit song by Dantès, sounds like a lit house party. The electronic and synthesized pop melody, sub-bass, and retro house beat introduce the chorus. The explosive house beats progress as the echoing background vocals double and layer over the stunning lead vocals.

The style has influences of early 2000s EDM. The production is clean, vibrant, and dynamic with extreme bursts of energy in the chorus when he sings, "Tick tock the beat don't stop." The hook is contagious!

One thing is for sure - the beat will not stop in Dantès’ “Tick Tock (Beat Don’t Stop).” This energetic song will get you dancing and feeling the heat. The catchy lyrics are delivered by Dantès bright and dynamic vocals. The song is all about getting lost in the groove of the music and having a blast. “Tick Tock (Beat Don’t Stop) is perfect for the club scene and ideal to vogue to. Dantès sings the chorus robustly:

“Tick Tock the beat don’t stop, everyone is having fun. House music we just love it, bassline and drum.”

Dantès is a brilliant songwriter and musician who masters house beats set to highly memorable lyrics. From the first beat of “Tick Tock (Beat Don’t Stop),” you will be hooked. When you listen to Dantès’ EDM house music, the good vibes will make you feel liberated. Dantès wrote a banger that is fun, upbeat, and thrilling!

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About Dantès

Rocketing out of Chicago, Dantès is a rising star and multimedia threat. As a singer , songwriter , producer, Actor, dancer & Model, he is quickly becoming a household name. He is a House and R & B phenomenon that possesses an uncanny musical and vocal dexterity. Set to a timeless dance sound, that harkens back to the golden age of house music,

Dantès music is highly memorable. His first music single, "Killer" (2019), streamed over 40k in a very short time. Since 2019, he has had multiple feature roles in two Showtime TV shows, Work in Progress and The Chi. With other TV and film projects in the works, Dantès' musical output also continues with his long-awaited, new singles "So Below", "Killer (Black Lives Matter) Remix", "Tick Tock (Beat Don't Stop)" & his debut album RNBWBRDGE, which hits retailers in December.


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