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  • Bryon Harris

Dantès - "So Below"

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Rocketing out of Chicago, Dantès is a rising star and triple threat in music and media. The singer, actor and model is quickly becoming a household name. Dantès is a House and R & B phenomenom who possesses an uncanny musical and vocal dexterity. Set to a timeless dance sound, that harkens back to the golden age of house music, Dantès music is highly memorable. His first music single, "Killer" (2019), streamed over 40k in a very short time. Since 2019, he has had multiple feature roles in two Showtime TV shows, Work in Progress and The Chi. With other TV and film projects in the works, Dantès' music output also continues with his long-awaited, new single "So Below."

Dantès’ “So Below” is an up-beat EDM track with hints of R & B flavor boasting an infectious vibe that lifts your spirits and makes you want to hit the dance floor. The record kicks things off with a glitchy synth that leads in a softly filtered, grooving arrangement with layers of funky synths and pulsing kick drum. Still filtered, the bass line drops into a lower register as Dantè enters for the first verse. Dantès has a nice full timbre that cuts though the mix singing,

“You know your not alone I can make you feel good You can give me freedom, darlin It’s lifting me high.”

As he sings the last line, sweeping sound effects grace the track and with the next beat of the pulsing kick drum as the filter is lifted, the track opens up exploding with energy that will make you jump out of your seat (if your’e still sitting)!

Throughout the track, the stellar production ebbs and flows with a robust and dynamic arrangement that knows when to push the energy and when to hold back. Dantès and producers Dwarf Planet are masters at their craft. In the chorus, Dantès impressive vocals jump between his rich and sexy chest voice to his bright and smooth falsetto creating a highly memorable, catchy hook as he sings,

“Sing, your so below (remember) Love it, your so below (remember) Got it, your so below (surrender) Raise your hands, sky high”

"So Below" is a song that has meaningful layers. During a time when people are isolated due to the pandemic, "So Below", states "You know your not alone" and "you can give me freedom, darlin." Even when we are isolated and feeling the impact of external forces beyond our control, love can set us free and "make you feel good." If you are looking for a new dance track to bring back a feel-good summer vibe, then look no further than Dantès “So Below” to lift you up.

In "So Below", Dantè showcases his deft and diverse skills as a singer and songwriter who combines house and R & B for a fresh and exciting new sound. As a vocalist, Dantè has an impressive and polished lvocal range that smoothly transitions from a rich timbre to high falsettos providing sweet candy for your ears. Produced by Dwarf Planet, this track is hot and seamless, radio-ready. The infectious groove will get you onto the dancefloor or just feeling great. Dantè is Chicago's stand-out triple threat (singer, actor, model), and there's no doubt he can take his career to an international level.

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