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Danny Strimer - "It Gets Late Early These Days"

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Review by Aaron Cloutier

Singer-songwriter / jazz pop artist Danny Strimer brings us "It Gets Late Early These Days,” a driving, yet melancholic lamentation on lost love. “It Gets Late Early These Days” shines a light on grief and sorrow intensified by seasonal affective disorder which is a common affliction brought on by shorter days during the winter months.

Ultimately, the song acknowledges the feelings associated with loss and touches on how to navigate the grieving process to find a silver lining. In his own words, Strimer says, “It's OK to feel sad when you lose someone, but keep the lights on inside, as the days grow shorter. Be good to yourself and others, 'cause it's contagious!"

Alan Miller is credited for the lyrics. Anyone who’s experienced the loss of a loved one will instantly relate to lyrics like.

“Nights go by in slow motion

All I do is pray for sleep

I’m tired of wrestling these dark emotions

Hanging like a black cloud over me”

In my opinion, I feel like this lyric says it all when it comes to that process of “emotional navigation”. Like I said, instantly relatable.

Though the subject matter is very dark and personal, the music itself has emotional buoyancy which helps balance things out. Despite the minor tonality of the piece, the rhythm section is jazzy and somewhat upbeat given the subject matter. Long legato slides and staccato stabs of fretless bass blend together with delicate hi-hat brush strokes and rim clicks to create a nice mellow, lounge vibe throughout. Listeners will hear strikes of piano keys dancing with tasteful classical guitar passages and vocals that are both vulnerable and ultimately, disarming.

The arrangement expands as the song progresses. The introduction of flute, faint organs, and extra percussion fill out the sonic image of the piece quite nicely. Halfway through the song, the drums come in full force bringing a sense of authority and further emotional gravitas to the music.

Pensive, yet simultaneously groove-laden. “It Gets Late Early These Days” will get your body swaying to the music, but can also stop you in your tracks should you slow down and ruminate on the subject matter.


About Danny Strimer

Danny's career as a professional musician began at age 15 as a guitarist in West Virginia R&B clubs, backing the likes of The Drifters, Spyder Turner, and Dee Clark. He was lead guitarist, background vocalist, and MC in Brenda Lee’s band, The Casuals. Graduating cum laude from NYU's Steinhardt School (Music/Recording Technology), Danny worked in NYC as an actor under directors Gerald Freedman in GONE WITH HARDY and Alex Dmitriev in Hugh Leonards's ALL THE NICE PEOPLE. He composed a musical score with Walker Steady for the Leon Felder Dance Company that was performed at Lincoln Center's Outdoor Salute to The Dance and other venues.

Strimer has written and published songs with Cherry Lane Music and Leiber And Stoller. His Garth Brooks and Lena Arice Lucas co-write, CRAZY OLE MOON, was recorded by Farmer’s Daughter and Patti Page. He charted nationally on Billboard Country with Jill Jordan's cut of CALENDAR BLUES.

A Nashville Musician's Association – Local 257 AFM member, he's releasing a new album, DANNY STRIMER - NEW LOVE SONGS - BOSSA NOVA & BEYOND, in 2020, co-written — with Alan Miller — which is original Bossa Nova infused, Great American Songbook inspired, guitar-driven, World-Beat, Jazz-Pop, romantic vocal music with timeless lyrics.


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