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  • Bryon Harris

Dan Wolff - 'A Hero's Welcome'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Dan Wolff and his band are an exciting up-and-coming Americana/Roots-Rock group that have twice been declared ‘Washington DC’s Best Original Band,’ by The Washington City Paper Readers Poll. Specializing in original compositions, Wolff has released 5 albums since 2014, and he has toured extensively.

A steady 1-2 drum groove kicks off “A Hero’s Welcome”, reminiscent of a train chugging down a track. A steady guitar enters, accompanied by a passionate, groovy violin. Wolff’s vocals are smooth and clear, providing a warm supplement to the upbeat, laid-back mood of the song. The mix creates a masterful sense of imagery for the listener, with every piece of sound and texture speaking to the idea of a train coming down the tracks on a warm summer’s day.

Lyrically, Dan Wolff vividly describes the return of soldiers home from war, greeted jubilantly by their communities. However, the message serves to illuminate the way in which our treatment of veterans has changed over the past century. What was once a parade rejoicing courage and strength has turned to a society where veterans are not fully accommodated with the recognition they deserve.

“Ticker tape parade and after that We'll break out the champagne and have a glass and pour a little out for those who've passed Today's the day the boys are coming back.”

A cheerful song with a more regretful message, “A Hero’s Welcome” is an Americana gem in the purest sense. With wonderfully melodious violin lines and catchy vocals, the song is a pleasure to listen to. All the while, the artist is drawing attention to an injustice that deserves all the attention it can get.

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