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  • Bryon Harris

DALMAS Emmanuel - "Savages"

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

DALMAS Emmanuel let’s off heat with savage skills on his high-octane track “Savages.” This track is all about getting you to feel the hype through loud banging beats and boastful bars about living a luxurious gangster lifestyle.

Opening things up, the ambient sound of a police siren wails in the background accompanied by drums and haunting, bright synths that make for an addicting trap sound. With the big drop of the sub, DALMAS kicks things off hot jumping into the hook rapping,

“Ice cold wrist cost a couple hundred - stacks / Catching flights in the air, jet – lag / Fill the racks in the bag, fresh from the trap / Them boys know the deal, we go back to back (oooooh drop) / No average, we all just savage ya! So sick might need a couple bandages Hop out the lambo, let the bird do the work”

Dalmas energetic flow and icy vocals pair perfectly with the timbre of the track and the interjected ad-libs work seamlessly to drive energy into the track. With talent to spare, yet not sparing any of it, DALMAS gives everything he's got and you can hear it and feel it.

DALMAS makes sure not to disappoint, bringing this energy to each section and verse making for an unforgettable song that you will surely be adding to your “pump-up” playlist.

For more information on DALMAS, please visit his website.

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DALMAS Emmanuel is a French multi-genre musician, composer, writer, artist and producer. A proud father & family-man, DALMAS Emmanuel draws inspiration and strength from those closest to him, in addition to the wonderful world at-large.

DALMAS Emmanuel is based in Odos, France and is quickly gaining favor for his unique takes on Rap, Hip-Pop, EDM, pop, and soundtrack styles. He is a solo artist who plays piano, saxophone, flute, and violin and has also developed a high level of skill in electronic production. From collaborative singles with featured guest-stars, to his remarkably moving instrumental material and own solo vocal performances.

DALMAS Emmanuel embraces creative freedom. He draws inspiration from a wide range of artists but is also in possession of a powerful creative vision that allows his music to stand on its own. He is versatile, innovative, and technical, capable of blending multiple genres into fresh and ingenious original music. In his other life, he’s an entrepreneur of over 20 years who runs his own water analysis company. He has covered ground quickly, however, and comes off like a seasoned music industry veteran. Music is his passion and catharsis and he loves the artistic and technical demands it makes of him equally.


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