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  • Bryon Harris

D!LLON – 'Strange Feelings'

D!LLON’s “Strange Feelings” is a hip hop/pop jam with an infectious vibe that is made to get stuck in your head and have you listening again and again.

The first thing to catch your ear is the bright addicting motif on a high pitched marimba-esk synth that immediately gets your body feeling the rhythm. As the melody begins to vamp up, finger snaps gently accent the strong beats as D!LLON’s electric vocals grace the track singing the hook,

“It’s who you called me / I aint call you / Its been feeling the same so what we bout to do / I think we should change everything we going through.”

As the hook repeats, the energy is boosted with the drop of a deep sub-bass line, a fat drum beat and additional layers of synths that give the record a huge sound. Throughout the verse, D!LLON switches between a melodic, pop/R & B style and straight hip hop bars that keep listeners enthralled as he switches up flows.

“You aint really know / GO and sell your soul / I’ve been dropping songs and now my heart is turning cold / I aint really get the dream though never got the message til I saw it in the scene though / Crashed my whip think im too fucked up…”

The more you listen to D!LLON, the more you fall for his unique timbre and swagger of his sound. “Strange Feeling” hits hard with an addictive beat and chorus that you won’t be getting out of your head. D!LLON is an artist to watch in 2021 with a sound you can't get enough of.

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About D!LLON

D!LLON is a 25-year old upcoming artist making new waves with his debut EP death of a rose and the second single to be released on Christmas Day, Strange Feelings.

His singles, "Strange Feelings", "Cold", and "Lie2Me" were all received enthusiastically by fans and the industry alike. You can hear D!LLON on National Indie Radio, WNIR, on the "Rap Around" Show daily.


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