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  • Bryon Harris

Cynthia Basinet - 'Eventually'

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Eventually” is a song by pop singer and major film actress Cynthia Basinet. The song begins with a brief intro of piano and strings. Basinet’s captivating vocals come in with the first verse. For two phrases, Basinet, supported by only piano, skillfully commands the listener’s attention with ease. She is mesmerizing. The cello enters with the third phrase, and plays a lush line in support of the melody through the rest of the verse. With brilliant arranging by David Shenton, the chorus blooms with the re-entrance of the high strings, along with a lift in the melody. Shenton’s beautiful string and piano parts continue through the second verse and chorus, providing ear candy for the listener, while framing Basinet's lush vocals and the melody perfectly. With the bridge, just when you thought Shenton had exhausted all his ideas, the high strings and piano begin playing staccato quarter and add rhythmic contrast to the song before resuming playing counter melodies. The lyrics in “Eventually” are about moving on in life after a break up. The verses reminisce about the relationship with lyrics such as “I lie in bed and wonder how you are,” and “I’m still holding onto all the promises you made.” The choruses contrast that however, with lyrics such as “Eventually I’ll forget about you” and “I’ll get on with life eventually.”

“Eventually” by Cynthia Basinet is a top notch single. With this song, Basinet, for four minutes, and fifty-one seconds, transports listeners to another world through her performance. Basinet is truly one of the great voices of our time. Shout out to songwriting team Anders Rasmussen, Donna Aylor, and Mark Oates on a fantastic song. For more information, please visit Cynthia Basinet's website. Listen on Spotify,


About Cynthia Basinet Cynthia Basinet is a trained musician and shared Nobel nominee, long considered “the most sultry seductive voices in the history of music.” A social influencer, her style can be seen shaping media for decades. Her sultry “Santa Baby” is the version oft credited to Marilyn Monroe. Listed as Top 10 by Billboard Magazine, she can be heard in soundtracks for CBS’s “NCISLA” and indie cult classic “Party Monster”. She has been compared to artists from Cash to King, Cole to Ella. Check out Cynthia's IMDB page! This music review was brought to you by BWH Music Group.


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