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  • Bryon Harris

Crow Bunty -'Tonky Honk Tractor Remix'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Hailing from the badlands south of nowhere, Crow Buntry is described as "a group of whiskey drinkin’ doobie smokin outlaws, bandits, and vaqueros livin' on the outskirts, past the cow pens of country music." Their remix of "Tonky Honk Tractor" is a great way to get acquainted with their incomparable sound.

Deep, filtered vocals begin “Tonky Honk Tractor,” followed closely by tight, side-chained drums. The mix of the song is surprisingly complex, with a world of wild banjo motifs and ambient noises around every corner. The side-chained drums seem to bounce off of the mix’s ambiance, creating a groove that one can’t help but dance to.

The vocals throughout the song carry an air of comedy, evident in the slight filtering and pitch-shifting applied to them. One section will rely on deep, murky vocals, while the next will consist of high-pitched backing vocals that make memorable phrases pop. It’s difficult to figure out exactly what the lyrics mean, yet one gets the sense that it doesn’t entirely matter. “Tonky Honk Tractor” is funny and catchy, and that’s what matters.

“Catch a fish, hell yes size matters,

Feed the whole family with the catfish batter.

On that Nashville tractor

You ain’t drivin’ so I throw it back”

It takes guts to come up with a song as wacky and creative as this. Every day there are a thousand and one pop songs released that sound exactly the same, yet there is and will only ever be one “Tonky Honk Tractor”. If you’re looking for wild, unique sounds, look no further than Crow Bunty.

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