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  • Bryon Harris

Craymo -'December Rain (Carol of Love)'

“December Rain (Carol of Love)” is an energetic love ballad that Craymo co-wrote with keyboard player Paul Dinletir. The song kicks off with a dramatic instrumental intro featuring a bright, punchy chord progression on piano accompanied by sparse percussion. Craymo’s smooth lead vocals have a Sting meets Duran Duran sound. His deep, warm voice enters for the first verse as he sings poetically about unrequited love.

“Autumn leaves are on my mind / Taking a chance on you a chance on me / How can I see the warning signs / When all I feel for you is sympathy/In my heart, there's a place for you / But you don't feel, you don't feel like I do, oh.”

His vocals take the front of the mix with striking clarity that grips listeners. The vocals slightly overlap as he repeats the melancholy phrase “December Rain” with the aid of additional vocal harmonies. Entering the second verse, the arrangement begins to gradually build with percussion and bass.

In "December Rain" the person is feeling heartbreak and loneliness. The chorus makes for a moment to remember as the arrangement breaks into a full-blown rock ballad arrangement and layers and layers of vocal harmonies make for a huge sound. “December Rain” is about unrequited love and the erratic emotions that come along with it. In the chorus, it sings,

“The snow is falling, my heartbeat is crawling / The cold wind is calling out your name / My love is calling / The sun keeps stalling / My tears are falling like December Rain / December Rain.”

“December Rain” was written in loving memory of Craymo’s mother. This was her favorite song and previously it was only released as a demo. Craymo went back to the song and recorded a full studio version renaming it “December Rain (Carol Of Love)” as Carol was his mother’s name. It is easy to see how this brilliant, gripping, poetic and emotional song was his mother's favorite, - it will be yours too.

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About Craymo

Craymo was born Craig Stephen Raymo in Massena, New York and grew up in nearby Ogdensburg, a quiet little city on the St. Lawrence River bordering Canada. Music seemed to possess his soul from an early age when he took lessons and joined many ensembles. He wrote his first song when he was 16. Craymo eventually went to Fredonia State University. majoring in Broadcasting with a minor in drama.

Feeling the call of the big city, Craig left college and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. He soon landed acting gigs in the TV soap operas General Hospital and Days Of Our Lives, most recently in The Watchman’s Edict (2017), The Misadventures of Walt’s Frozen Head (2017) and the HBO original film Recount. All the while focused on his music Craymo wrote hundreds of songs. Craymo even appeared as a male vocalist on Star Search ;89 with Ed McMahan. He opened up shows for Smashmouth, The Plimsouls and Fishbone.

He then met record producer Chris Irwin and recorded several songs in his Malibu studio. Craymo ran into his old friend, songwriter and producer Brandon Jarrett. They went into the studio and magic happened. Combining their song catalogs into one company, Moho Productions, LLC. They recorded "One Love One World" which became a worldwide phenomenon being featured on the United Nations project UNESCO web site School teachers all over the world downloaded the song and taught it to their students who then performed it at their schools in the USA, Canada, China and Australia! The opening scene in his music video One Love One World features students in Pang Liu Village in China who were taught to read English using the words and music to his song.

Awards and Nominations:

  • Best Alternative Video and Best Easy Listening Video for December Rain (Carol Of Love) in the 2019 Indie Music Channel Awards at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, California.

  • Best Rock Song for December Rain in the Fall 2019 Clouzine International Music Awards.

  • December Rain was a Semi-Finalist, Adult Contemporary Category, in the 2019 UK Songwriting Contest.

  • Bronze Medal Award for Male Vocals, December Rain, in the November 2017 Global Music Awards.

  • Best Male Easy Listening Artist in the 2017 Indie Music Channel Awards for his beautiful ballad “So Far Away.”

  • Honorable Mention in the Comedy/Novelty Category of the 22nd Annual USA Songwriting Competition for his song “Passion For Fashion.”

  • Best Alternative Recording in the 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards for “Moment,” a song promoting suicide prevention awareness.

  • “Love You More” won Best Alternative Recording in the 2015 Radio Music Awards and was a Finalist Best International Song for “Moment” 2016 Australian Music Oz Awards.

  • Craymo has been a semi-finalist and finalist in several songwriting competitions including the 2012 Australian Music Oz Awards ,”Passion For Fashion”

  • 2012 Hollywood Music In Media Awards Unisong, the Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival, UK Songwriting Competition, Pacific Songwriting Competition and the Artist Undiscovered Competition.

Anti-Bullying Advocate / Awards Craymo is also an anti-bullying advocate who recently won back to back Worldwide Music Contests, in Version 3 he won Best Song for “Be Myself,” his anti-bullying anthem and in Version 4, Best Video for “One Love One World (We Are One),” another anti-bullying anthem that also promotes equality, tolerance, brotherhood, human rights and world peace. Film and Television

Craymo's songs have been licensed in the indie films, Lucky Dog, Culture Shock, Gabe The Cupid Dog, Cinnamon, Super Southern Sweet Sixteen, Miss Castaway, Leaving Hollywood and Successful Failures 2. Craymo has licensed several songs in television including The Mysteries of Laura (NBC), The X Games (ESPN), The Orlando Citrus Parade (SYND), Sinbad's Reality U (pilot), Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC) and Chris and John To The Rescue (Canada).


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