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  • Bryon Harris

“Come Alive” by UNA SAEVA

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Come Alive” is a gentle upswing of a song that aims to lift you out from underneath the dark clouds. The consistent 6/8 rhythm is held throughout the whole song giving it a nice back and forth sway. This will have you bobbing your head back and forth as you feel peace overcome you. The instrumentation is so gentle, and it creates a very relaxing atmosphere. It’s the kind of music that can reignite that spark within you that may have gone out as a result of dark and troubling times in your life.

Lyrically, singer Barbara Diana is creating a beautiful aura of positivity and good vibes. She is referring to the amazing moments in life when we regain our appreciation for the beauty of life. Her lyrics have an epic nature to them as she creates vivid imagery of the world at large.

“Sailing away from tears of loneliness, there’s a new world waiting to be found, I can see as far as dreams will go if I open my mind”.

Life is a true miracle, and Barbara Diana has created a lovely reminder of how special that miracle is. She reminds us with such a creative flare that there is always a new day, so we can’t give up. “Burning bright like the first day of light, there’s a new dawn rising at the end of the night.”

The arrangement is incredibly unique and creates a very softly buoyant track that radiates the feeling of beautiful sunshine. The acoustic guitar and percussion work together perfectly to hold down the 6/8 rhythm, while the violin adds such a lyrical counterpart to Barbara Diana’s powerful vocals. The Violin is quite busy throughout the song however it never gets in the way of the vocals. It’s a wonderful ornamentation to the song, which helps cement the track's unique vibe. Barbara Diana’s vocals are very thick and warm. She hits the mid-range notes just as confidently as she hits the higher notes and the melodies have wonderful dynamics to them. “Come Alive” is a revitalizing song that is as sweet as it is powerful, and you’ll re-discover your inspiration to live life to the fullest thanks to UNA SAEVA.



UNA SAEVA is a project of singer-songwriter Barbara Saeva Diana, an eclectic mix of acoustic, folk, and world music influences with a classical background. The focus is Barbara’s very distinctive voice, a voice that seems to defy labels and definition, and that has been at one time described as ‘half-Callas, half-Carole King’. In the past few years, UNA SAEVA has released several singles, and the album 'Ifs'


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