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Coia - "Feel For You"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Feel For You” is a hot as-fire combination of Soul, Rock, and Pop, creating an emotional and passionate song. There is a strong sense of intense hurt here that inspired this song. This is deeply reflected in every aspect of the production, including all the performances, the mix, and the lyrics. It hits heavy and leaves a lasting impact as it is the kind of song that is easily relatable for many people. Love is a perplexing fable and Coia has created a moving tribute to this never-ending fight we all go through.

Lyrically, Coia is writing about the intense desire of wanting to put the time in to fight for someone you love, but no longer have the energy and strength to do it. It’s a moment of giving up, of letting go. But it’s a necessary step to healing. The lyrics aptly reflect this internal struggle with catchy phrasing and repetition.

“How can I love when the pain’s so strong, when the pain’s so strong, when the pain’s so strong, tell me how can I love, how can I feel when it hurts so bad, when it hurts so bad, when it hurts so bad, tell me how can I feel for you.”

The arrangement of “Feel For You” is full and robust and features impressive performances all done by Michael Coia. The song kicks off a full blast, setting up the listener for the energy they can expect from the rest of the song. The drums are well mixed, the rhythm on the hi-hat is very prominent, giving the song an incredible sense of groove. The rhythm is bolstered by various guitars, utilizing acoustic guitars in the verses and warm and lyrical guitars in the choruses. The guitar gets to sing in the bridge as well with a brief but passionate solo performance. Coia’s vocals take flight above the instrumentals with a warm and confident tone. “Feel For You” is a great track that is filled with emotion and passion.


About Coia

Coia is a Singer-Songwriter, Artist based out of Greensboro, North Carolina with alternative rock roots & refreshing hints of indie-pop. Coia combines the musical textures of Jason Mraz, with the vocal passion of artists such as Jon Foreman, Eddie Vedder, and John Mayer. Coia is currently touring the east coast on a self-made acoustic demo, Coia wrote and recorded the EP “Chasing EP,” which was released on October 9, 2020. The album features stand-out tracks such as “Til’ the Stars Come Down” and “Feel for You” that is sure to draw attention to this quickly growing music project. Coia's shows vary between solo, acoustic performances of Mike Coia, to larger concerts where he is backed by close friends and other talented musicians. Although Coia’s drive and love for music show in his music, it doesn’t overshadow his passion for why he plays it.

"The goal of Coia is to reflect how grateful I am to be able to make music and in that, hopefully, motivate and encourage others in their lives. I want the music I'm writing/playing to be bigger than myself."

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