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  • Bryon Harris

Coast 2 Coast – ‘Sing This Song to You’

Review By Matt Wong & Staff

“Sing This Song to You” begins with bass, hi hat, and two acoustic guitar parts, one playing rhythm and one playing the hook to the intro. The acoustic guitars have a slight world or Spanish guitar feel that is captivating. As the intro moves towards the first verse, the kick drum enters to beef up the low end and groove.

Rich and expressive vocals enter on the first verse, along with the snare drum providing a tight back beat. Vocals are the highlight and driving force behind this song, and the song’s chorus features well executed and inspiring background vocals that nicely support and complement the lead vocal. In addition, there are great call and response moments throughout the song that will leave listeners marveling at the vocal talent in this group.

“Sing This Song to You” is about praising the Lord through song. The band sings lyrics such as “In my song, Lord please hear my heart for your love, your love I’ll never part” and “you carried me, carried me through all my fears and wiped away, wiped away all the tears.” As the band sings, those are the reasons “why I sing this song for you,” you can truly hear gratefulness, love, joy and praise. "Sing This Song To You" is exuberant and the catchy song will have you clapping and singing along.

"This Song to You” by Coast 2 Coast is an uplifting song that features fantastic musicianship. The vocal performance is truly high quality, and is supported by a tight groove. With a great melody, and meaningful lyrics, this song is a must listen for listeners and a hit for fans of inspirational music.

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About Coast to Coast Feat. The Fantastic Gems

Back in 1968, at Eastside High School in Paterson, New Jersey, a music group called The Fantastic Gems was born. After graduation, the talented musicians went off to college, the military, and new careers. Years later, two of the original members reformed in Washington D.C. as "Coast 2 Coast" and began recording and performing from 1986 to 1990.

In 2016, The Fantastic Gems got back together to fulfill a promise they made to each other when they were young students in New Jersey. The result of their reunion was the release of The New Old Skool. The project took three years from conception to completion and was released June, 2019. The album is a tribute to their musical roots, and was made in recognition of the community who encouraged, supported and shaped their musical spirit. The New Old Skool features 11 great songs that fans of R & B,Gospel, Pop, and Jazz will love.


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