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Coast 2 Coast ft. The Fantastic Gems - 'Live Your Life'

Review Written By Victoria Scott & Staff

'Live Your Life' by Coast 2 Coast Feat. The Fantastic Gems is featured on BWH Music Group’s new release, ‘On Peace Street, Vol. One.’ The compilation album is a collection of 19 original songs in various genres by today's best independent artists and songwriters. Sharing songs about peace and social justice, the artist's songs will ultimately remind you of the importance of peace, fairness, love and unity. Filled with meaningful lyrics and exceptional music, this playlist is an example of how music can influence, and even change, people, movements, and society.

“Live Your Life” is a magnificent collaborative big band piece performed by Coast 2 Coast featuring The Fantastic Gems. A cool jazz intro with bass, piano, and tenor saxophone commence, then the drums drop in with a funky beat. Both Vassilis Sotiriou and Robert Finney know how to write an engaging arrangement incorporating each instrument masterfully. The trumpet accents the piano, and the saxophone emphasizes long notes, while the three-part vocal harmony accents lead lyrics.

The vocalist has a Marvin Gay vibe giving the song soul, bringing the performance full circle. There is so much engagement between the musicians, you can hear that they have a long history of collaboration and friendship. The song is performed by the massive talent, The Fantastic Gems, with Vassilis Sotiriou, lead guitarist; Lazaror Lazaridis, bass guitarist; George Tzoukas, piano/keyboard player; Stelios Tsompandis, drummer; Yannis Oikonomdis, trumpet and flugelhornist; and Alkis Kariznis, tenor/baritone saxophonist.

“Live Your Life” is telling you to be courageous and live your life in truth and light. This song invites people from different parts of the world to come together harmoniously and create something sensational. “Live Your Life” is a song that opens the door to inner peace.

The talented Robert Finney sings,

“ I see people trying to create a new world, stand on dreams, trying to believe something honest pure and real, live your life, find yourself in the light. You can make your way sunny and bright. The truth lies deep inside, walk your faith, not by sight.”

Coast 2 Coast and The Fantastic Gems rose to the occasion to create a dynamic and interlaced piece of work with a powerful message. Their musicianship and arrangement show amazing skill and dedication. The fact that they brought so many musicians together to perform is as inspiring as the song's message.


About The Fantastic Gems

Back in 1968, at Eastside High School in Paterson, New Jersey, a music group called The Fantastic Gems was born. After graduation, the talented musicians went off to college, the military, and new careers. Years later, two of the original members reformed in Washington D.C. as "Coast 2 Coast" and began recording and performing from 1986 to 1990. 

In 2016, The Fantastic Gems got back together to fulfill a promise they made to each other when they were young students in New Jersey. The result of their reunion was the release of The New Old Skool. The project took three years from conception to completion and was released June 2019. 

The album is a tribute to their musical roots, and was made in recognition of the community who encouraged, supported and shaped their musical spirit. The New Old Skool features 11 great songs that fans of R&B, Gospel, Pop, and Jazz will love. 

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