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  • Bryon Harris

Coast 2 Coast feat. The Fantastic Gems- 'Do Ya'

Back in 1968, at Eastside High School in Paterson, New Jersey, a music group called The Fantastic Gems was born. After graduation, the talented musicians went off to college, the military, and new careers. Years later, two of the original members reformed in Washington D.C. as "Coast 2 Coast" and began recording and performing from 1986 to 1990. In 2016, The Fantastic Gems got back together to fulfill a promise they made to each other when they were young students in New Jersey. The result of their reunion was the release of The New Old Skool. The project took three years from conception to completion and was released June 2019.  Off the album, their single "Do Ya" is a pumped tune that will have you up on your feet, feeling the band's infectious groove.

“Do Ya” begins with drums, bass, synth, piano, and clavinet playing a tight groove and classic R&B feel, with vocals joining in shortly with riffing. The main lyrics enter on the first verse and are supported by the locked in bass, drums, and clavinet parts.

The vocals have the magical R&B and soul quality that has enamored listeners over several generations. With the help of excellent vocal production, the vocal performance sits nicely in the mix, while also shining in the arrangement. The background vocals on the choruses are very well executed and add to the excitement of the overall arrangement. This song grooves hard and feels GOOD.

The lyrics in “Do Ya” are all about the feeling of music. The song began as a warm up song for Coast 2 Coast at their gigs. To psych up their audiences, the band sings about how “The sound of the music makes my body lose control,” and tells them to “Just listen to the melody, it’s heaven sent.” Let the music , Do Ya.

“Do Ya” by Coast to Coast has all the qualities of a great R & B pop song. The song’s groove is infectious and the lyrics are fun and memorable, exciting, and easy to follow. The playing, and singing on this recording are praiseworthy, and the song is arranged in a way that makes listeners feel good and connect. Listeners should be prepared to put this song on repeat, and put on their dancing shoes on. "Do Ya" by Coast to Coast is a contagious hit. If you love R & B that borrows from the past and takes you into the moment, Coast to Coast Feat. The Fantastic Gems is a band you will love.

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