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Clay Markley - “This Look”

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“This Look” is a track that simmers with an edgy intensity. The energy of this song simultaneously harkens back to classic alt-vibes, while also establishing a modern, forward thinking feeling. A great lead vocal draws listeners into a sonic world that is eclectic and engaging. Intricate drum programming combines with meditative guitar riffs fantastically, resulting in a huge sound.

Lyrically, “This Look” is conflicted and dissonant. “come and see the broken man, he's handing out free lies.” The confessional nature of the lyrics deepens the feeling of the music. “She's got that look inside her eyes, the kind that makes you feel alive.” Markley’s vocal delivery is ultra-strong, delivering the lyrics with pure conviction.

The arrangement of “This look” is extremely fresh. An amalgam of styles are executed perfectly and combined with incredible effectiveness. Markley’s vocal hook in the chorus is gripping.

Dark and complex, this is music that will take you on a mental ride. This dense track will offer something new on each lister. Incredibly well-done…do yourself a favor and check out “This Look.”

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About Clay Markley A Lifelong genre bender. I grew up humming tunes, and music comes to me. I don't need to be to defined, if i do it just shuts out potential songs, so I try to be a chameleon and write whatever. Lover of musical expression and freedom, I'm here to break my own rules. A Wisconsin native songwriter and producer, my name is Clay Markley.

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