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Christopher Alexander – ‘Midnight Mountain Climber’

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Midnight Mountain Climber” is a rock song by Christopher Alexander. The song begins with a four bar drum groove, followed by an eight bar full band intro featuring electric guitar and harmonica, supported by acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Immediately from the first notes played by the guitar, and doubled by the bass, the song evokes a Hendrix-esque vibe, and transports the listener back to 1960's full of phenomenal musicianship and soul.

Alexander’s subtle vocals enter in with the first chorus, and are supported with tasty counter melodies on harmonica played by Henry White. The organ also subtly joins in halfway through the first chorus. Between each chorus and bridge is an instrumental interlude, allowing the band to flex their polished chops.

The groove then drops out in the bridge, with the drums keeping time, and the bass playing a two feel, which leaves the acoustic guitar to carry the rhythm while the organ continues playing pads. Following the second bridge is an extended interlude and Shane Rickerson take the opportunity to play a burning guitar solo. The song ends with one more chorus and bridge, and the band plays the song out.

The lyrics behind “Midnight Mountain Climber” were written about overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction. The “midnight mountain climber” refers to a drug user, who “keeps getting higher and higher.” The bridge poses many questions, such as “how high can you climb” and “how low can you go” which refer to the emotional roller-coaster involved with using drugs. Unless people get the help they need, “it won’t be long before the boy expires.”

“Midnight Mountain Climber” by Christopher Alexander is a phenomenal and inspiring song. Alexander exhibits a natural talent for songwriting, especially in the lyrics department, in addition to his vocal talents. Backed by a stellar band, Alexander delivers with “Midnight Mountain Climber” one of the best songs written and recorded in 2019.


About Christopher Alexander

Christopher Alexander is a songwriter from Sonoma County who performs in a style evocative of the 60's and 70's. He's a poet turned musician who composes music of various genres from blues to psychedelic rock and folk rock to jazz. The subject matter he writes and sings about ranges from the mundane to the fantastical often blending the two in a seamless, mind-bending way.

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