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  • Bryon Harris

Chris Mardini - 'Retrospective Outlook'

Hailing from New York, young 17-year old, up-and-coming, indie-rock artist Chris Mardini has released his debut single, “Retrospective Outlook,” in advance of his new EP. Chris's influences include 90’s and classic rock (Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers) as well as hip-hop (NWA and 2Pac to Kendrick Lamar). The track showcases an amalgamation of indie-rock and hip-hop and a vocal talent you won't soon forget.

"Retrospective Outlook" starts off with a bad-ass indie-rock groove that captures your attention from the start. The groove is created with climatic, pulsing 16th note riffs that drive forward and keep you on the edge of your seat with great production quality. As the dynamics grow, the track opens up with crisp syncopated guitar chords and a great beat. The stellar track was produced by Grammy-winning producer, Marc Swersky.

Chris enters above the mix singing, "I've been leaning, don't want to go through this alone. Keep breathing. I'm tired, stressed, want to go home." Chris's voice is radio-rock ready - his vocals could easily stand toe-to-toe with indie-rockers on today's charts. Mid-way a ringing phone cuts through the mix and Chris picks up the call with a surprising rap bridge. "What's up? I think I'm out of my mind. I got 420 reasons for you not to try. Sometimes I feel like a black hole, I don't know. There's no explanation for where the time goes. "

In Chris Mardini's "Retrospective Outlook" Chris finds his mojo and it's about doing what it takes. He sings about determination and an inner drive - "I want it all" - and about realizing it's right there "in the palm of your hands." Chris's thoughtful lyrics captures universal themes: desire, ambition, anxiety, self-preservation.

In "Retrospective Outlook" Chris Mardini sets the stage by putting his ambitions on the table. He wants it all. And why not? He has it all - he has the talent, the voice, the charisma and a great song With many more to come off his new EP, Chris Mardini's musical career has a great outlook.

For more information on Chris Mardini's upcoming release can be found on his website.

Connect with Chris: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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