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Chris J. Smith & Lynley Evans - 'Stone Blooded'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Chris J. Smith & Lynley Evans are an original singer-songwriter duo based out of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Smith and Evans combine their years of experience into their eclectic songwriting style. The duo have been playing in various projects for about 8 years, and together they offer a unique musical experience that you won't soon forget. Their latest project, Objects In Space, is a 7 song compilation of their best, original songs to date. A great way to get acquainted with this duo's talent is to listen to Track 5, “Stone Blooded (feat. Kevin Koczan)."

Exuberant drums beat their way into this groovy new tune, followed closely by bouncing bass and crisp guitar. The lead vocals in “Stone Blooded” are confident and catchy, and blend beautifully with their harmonized female counterpart. Smith and Evans are not bound by any rigid structure, and let the music breathe and groove like wind in the trees. Every bit of this song feels fun, playful, and free in the truest sense.

Lyrically, “Stone Blooded” is about staying true to yourself and rising above unhealthy lust and jealousy. Smith and Evans take us on a journey through a relationship that seems like a good thing at first, yet becomes illuminated as a hollow well of gratification. Every verse is delivered with as much groove and syncopation as the rest of the mix, giving the song a truly danceable appeal.

Smith and Evans are the kind of artists that approach music as a catalyst for joy and vibrant living. This take on composition is truly refreshing in today’s world, and solidifies the two artists as a force to mess with in the music industry.

One can’t help but be excited about what Smith and Evans might come up with next; something tells me that their positive energy will bring forth many more years of fresh, original music.

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