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Chad Hollister Band - "Eyes"

eview by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Even though the Chad Hollister Band hails from the far northern, rural state of Vermont, they have  toured the country for over 20 years. Chad has opened for music legends Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and Tom Petty. He also shared the stage with every PHISH member, Billy Gibbons, Merl Saunders, Warren Haynes and Blues Traveler. Chad signed a record deal with Pacific Records, based in San Diego, CA, to release "Stop the World" which features his 10-piece band.  Their single, "Eyes", is an eye-opener into this band's remarkable talent.

The song "Eyes" opens with grande rolling keys and a full plate of colorful and groovy music for a feel-good vibe. Two guitars, an acoustic and electric, set the stage with light strumming and a catchy melodic riff. The percussion is a combination of drums and hand-drums for a world groove.

Chad enters singing, "If you care to know me, it's best to look at me. I can see into those eyes and how they came to be." Chad's inviting vocal performance is smooth and calm, relaxed over the groove. Like a blanket on the beach, his warm and sunny tone fits over the landscape of the music naturally. As the song moves forward, Chad opens up with an expressive vocal passion that reaches for high notes, dynamic intensity, and music euphoria. He exudes happiness, the kind that comes from self-expression and sharing a musical moment.

As the song progresses, listeners are treated to something rare these days in popular music - a great horn arrangement. The chorus blooms with the harmonic support of trumpet, sax, and trombone. Highlights include a guitar solo playing the melodic content with gusto and, at the end of the song, a full horn section jamming the melody in unison for a dynamic and exciting layer.

In the video below, the band adds a sizzling, bluegrass and groove-fueled mandolin solo that's candy to the ears. Check-out the live performance of "Eyes."

"Eyes" is a song about seeing what is right in front of us. Everything is fleeting and we can choose to be in the moment and take it all in or let it pass us by. "The simple little things, that I don't want you to miss, the Eagles' nest upon the ledge or the early morning mist." A favorite line in the song is, "If you're always staring at that fancy screen below, you can miss what life is." The song also hints at a love-at-first-sight connections which can only be experienced by living fully in the moment.

In "Eyes," The Chad Hollister Band sets the bar higher than high with music that elevates your mood. The band offers up lyrics you can live by set to a groove that permeates your body and soul. A fantastic arrangement with multiple instruments including a great horn section makes this out-of-the-ordinary band one to listen to, watch, and catch live.

For more information on The Chad Hollister Band, please visit their website.

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