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Cenza - 'Thriving'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Hailing from New Jersey, Cenza (pronounced chen-za) has a lot going on. She's a pop singer, a songwriter, and a producer. From She is also a critically acclaimed actress known as Emily Keefe. As a classically trained piano player and a self taught guitarist, Cenza brings a sound that defies any one genre box. Her current single, release today on July 31, 2020, offers a twist on empowerment.

"Thriving" starts with some communicaiton static over a phone line and an edgy, electronic groove. The sound of the phone rings a few times, then the sub-base drops heavy footed, walking forward to a clap beat as Cenza sings: "You think I need to take some time Think I'll never find A land without my king. Such a silly thing."

The feministic verse is sung with confidence. Cenza's vocals are strong and crystal clear, in tone and meaning, as she displays an impressive vocal range - whether the notes are low or high, she sings with ease. Electronic effects on her vocals, on the words "Oh I'm thriving. No I'm thriving," take the song to a radio-ready level giving Cenza a modern and enticing alt. pop sound.

The electronic ambience continues with a forward moving attitudinal groove made up of smooth walking bass, a strong clap beat on 2 and 4, and swirling electronica elements that weave in and out with small glistening motifs above the mix.

Owning her weaknesses, but never diminishing her worth Cenza sings,

"You think I need to slow it down Need to back it out But you can't have my crown Oh the things I know now I'm excessive I'm obsessive I know Yeah I already know Get on my level or go"

A different kind of empowerment song, Cenza's "Thriving" isn't about what a guy thinks. That would be a bore. Instead, it's a song about rising above your own thoughts and concluding that "dumbing down" to make someone else comfortable is not an option.

"Thriving" is a recipe for success. The ingredients include bad-ass pop production (by Jay-Elle, Michael Abiuso, and Cenza), refreshing originality (in both sound and message), and Cenza's flawless vocal performance, topped with engaging vocal effects.

For more information on Cenza, please visit her website.


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