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Caragan- Crushing

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Crushing” is a smooth and impactful song with a killer groove and impeccable vocal hooks. This music offers listeners an array of enticing elements including a powerful vocal performance and instrumental tracks that are timeless yet modern. A rich harmonic structure creates a deeply emotional tone in the music, perfectly matching the sentiments depicted by the lyrics. Densely saturated with musical sections and embellishments, this song will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Lyrically, “Crushing” is conflicted and pensive.

“Every word premeditated, thinking through each call, Any less than perfect I just feel so weak to you.”

Caragan brings these thoughts to life with courageous precision.

“But the harder you play to get, makes it easier falling for you.”

Listeners will be able to relate to this song’s subject matter, and will surely reflect on their own experiences through the music’s artistic perspective.

“Crushing” is musically impressive from several directions. Caragan’s vocals are confident and controlled, perfectly executing several styles without ever losing the groove. Classic arrangement elements such as flexatone and wah guitar sit underneath a haunting keyboard patch and intricate back-up vocals. A strong bass line and detailed drum programming round out the rhythm section, resulting in a hypnotic motion to the song.

“Crushing” is a bold and well-executed musical vision, finely detailed and beautiful in many ways.

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About Caragan

If you had to use three words to describe the phenomenon of music depicting emotions you never could describe, you would use “the artist Caragan”. The success of singles like “Cozy” and “The Sequence” in 2020 with a steadily growing fanbase is merely dipping his toes into waters he has always dreamed of, but yet to dive in. With his unique lyricism and tender voice, Caragan looks to propel himself into the up-and-coming wave of independent artists with every heartwarming and heart-wrenching song at a time. Striving for profession and passion, Zachary Caragan Bour looks to make the most of his opportunities by songwriting, producing, and performing his music while also studying Accountancy at Barrett the Honors College at Arizona State University. The chance of performing for the world to hear has always been a wandering daydream to Bour, but each day is another step towards turning that into reality.

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