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  • Bryon Harris

California - 'Take A Chance'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

California’s “Take A Chance” is a buoyant message of motivation, urging listeners to go out and embrace the love they deserve. The song is built around a horn motif that’s as joyful and vibrant as the picture the lyrics paint.

One standout aspect of “Take A Chance” is the relationship between the lead and background vocals. The lead vocals remain at the forefront of the mix throughout the song, consistently bold and bright no matter the shift in the arrangement. Meanwhile, the background vocals are carefully placed to support the lyrics and emotion of the song. On certain lines with extra meaning, California interlaces harmonies within the lead singer’s melody, strengthening the line’s delivery. Similarly, the band will employ a call-and-response technique to fortify a lyric’s energy while creating rhythmic intrigue.

“Take a chance, give it a whirl / If you never try you may never love the girl…”

Within a song such as “Take A Chance” that embraces a motivational, uplifting spirit, this musical reinforcement goes a long way to achieve the band’s message. The joyfulness of the voices singing as one instills a sense of friendship and love that the song needs to validate its warm theme. Another element that further bolsters the sunniness of “Take A Chance” is the arrangement. California leans into the rhythm on this track, laying down punctuated piano hits and strumming as the foundation of the verses. In the second verse, they isolate these hits even more to feature a hi-hat-focused drum beat. These subtle intricacies create forward motion, keeping up the song’s energy.

“You know, sometimes you gotta let it down / let her in, give her the key…”

Ending with a unique electric guitar solo backed by a chorus of strings, “Take A Chance” is bursting at the seams with radiant sounds. Once again, California has sewn an expressive array of emotion into their words and musical arrangements.


About California About California The group California, featuring Les Fradkin (Vocals, Piano, Mellotron, Guitars, Bass, Producer and Songwriter) as it’s founding Original Member and still leading the group to this day, were Laurie Records recording Artists in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

California had several Hit Singles during that time period including “See You In September”, “Jeans On”, “Summer Fun Medley” and “He’s Almost You”. Other California highlights included an appearance on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand TV show singing “Summer Fun Medley” as well as a Top 50 UK Chart placing for “He’s Almost You”. In fact, in 2020, a California B-Side “Paris (1945)” roared to the top of the Dutch and EU Charts.

Now, California thunders back at RRO Entertainment with all new material. California returns with Les Fradkin - Vocals, Mellotron, Piano, Bass, Guitars, Ztar, Songwriter and Co-Production and Loretta Pieper Fradkin - Vocals, Songwriter and Co-Production. Les and Loretta have co authored numerous hits during 2022, including 8 consecutive #1 UK Indie Radio Chart hits for Les Fradkin as a Solo Artist, several #1 hits on Los Angeles, California Indie Radio as well as “Under The Covers” placing at #50 in the Billboard Media Base CHR Activator Chart. For 2022 release, California presents it’s brand new Original Hit Single “Perfect World”! and latest album, “California Loves For more information on California and to hear more great songs, visit them on Reverbnation.


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